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September 2nd, 2014

September 2nd, 2014

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Who: Clara Oswald
What: Clara loses the fight.
Where: Near Sunnydale High School
When: Early morning, Sept. 2nd 2014
Rating: Medium/High
Warnings; Character death
Status: Complete as narritive


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Who: Anna Milton vs Angels.
What: Stupid blasphamies
Where: Near the basement
When: Morning of the 2nd
Rating: Low
Status: Complete as narritive.

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Who: Loki!
What: Loki is poisoned. A G A I N.
Where: Panem, a weird clearingy pondish area.
When: 9/2 afternoon
Rating/Warnings: Moderate / Uh if you don't like snakes stay away.
Notes: If someone wants to hang out with him 'til he dies, feel free to tag in? Otherwise, narrative.

There was nothing here that would be friendly to him. Nothing this place provided was ever meant to preserve any of them. Colors shifted between overgrown plants, and Loki’s breath caught in what was supposed to be a bitter laugh. Snakes. Of course. )

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WHO: Mitchell (and possibly Caroline Forbes)
WHAT: thinking about the First, meeting Toruk Han, Sunnydale musings, CHARACTER DEATH
WHEN: This evening.
WHERE: Sunnydale
STATUS: Complete, possible tag from Caroline.

Well this is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into )
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