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January 29th, 2014

January 29th, 2014


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WHO: Baby Tamsin and Richard Plantagnet
WHAT: Arrival
WHEN: Today
WHERE: The Graveyard
STATUS: In Progress.

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Who: Kat! (Narrative)
What: Apparently Kat is still a lunatic. And freaking out a little. Oops.
Where: A shit hotel in New Mexico. The internet lied, this is definitely not a five-star location, and she's not amused.
When: Earlier tonight!
Why: IDEK the muse realized she was freaking the hell out a little more than I thought she was and instead of just chillaxing in my brain for a bit she was like LET ME SPIT WORDS AT YOU. WRITE THEM, BITCH. So.
Warnings: Language, zombie-related violent imagery, and possibly might make people with trauma/ptsd/etc things sad/crankyfaced, because Kat isn't exactly PC about her own issues.

The fact that it refused to go away even though she knew it wasn't even a thing meant that she was obviously a lunatic. She knew all this already. She knew she had to just.... stop. being. crazy. But it was kinda easier said than done. )

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Who: Parker (Narrative but open if anyone wants to check on her)
What: Parker's not dealing with things very well at the moment.
Where: Her room at Damien's manor
When: Earlier tonight
Warnings: Cage related garbage by the ton, leftover illness and major dark night of the soul (plus semi off kilter writing, Parker basically took over my brain while typing this).

Emotional WW3 was still ongoing even now. )
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