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December 6th, 2013

December 6th, 2013

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Who: Queen Frigga and OPEN
What: Look what the storm blew in? SHE DIDN'T DO IT!
When: Evening of the fifth
Where: Middle of the city in the middle of the destruction. She's used to it.
Warnings: TBD but doubtful any

But confusion fought with compassion and she wasn't even sure where she stood. )

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Who: Iliana Dominick and OTA
What: The Witch Child arrives. She does not like this place
Where: On one of the main streets, deserted for some reason! Windy reason
Rating: Low, she is sunshine and lollipops
Status: In progress

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Who: Korra and Faith
What: An Avatar riding a polar bear dog shows up in Lawrence
Where: Lawrence, KS
When: Evening of Dec. 6th
Status: In Progress
Rating: TBD

I don't think we're at the South Pole anymore Naga )
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