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March 18th, 2012

March 18th, 2012

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Who:Dick Grayson
What:Dick has a minor panic attack. Narrative.
When:last night backdated slightly!
Where:The apartment he shares with Darcy

Livin on a highwire, runnin through a wildfire.. )

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WHO: Batman & the Red Hood
WHEN: Late evening. Very late.
WHERE: Lawrence, Kansas. Downtown streets.
RATING: Probably not pretty. Unless you like to look at Bruce and Jason. In that case, it might be pretty. Maybe.

He wanted Batman unprepared. )

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Who: Galen and Mara
What: First meeting and first training session of sorts.
When: Today, 3 pm, so a little backdated
Where: Abandoned warehouse
Warning: TBA

A makeshift Jedi Academy )

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Who: Isabela...and possibly Anders if he left with her? Otherwise it works as a narrative
What: Normally Isabela can run faster than her problems can catch her. But this time, they got to her first.
When: Now-ish
Where: The Siren's Call somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Warning: Language

Our mistakes make us who we are )
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