War Is Coming RPG.

March 19th, 2012

March 19th, 2012

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Who:Kon-El and OPEN
What:Tossing around a baseball
When:Monday morning before school
Where:Behind the complex in the alley
Warnings:tba but it depends on who tags!

And the crowd goes wild-but wait, Kent goes for a surprising double play and the ball is saved from ball hell where good balls go to die! )

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WHO: Rikki Chadwick and OTA
WHAT: Trying (and failing) to beat the impending rain home from work
WHERE: Starting at Stark Industries and moving to the front of the complex building
WHEN: Around 5:45pm
STATUS: In progress
RATING: PG, for some not so nice language. TBD if there's a change, depending on who tags in

It was nearly quitting time when Rikki noticed the skies darkening outside, ominously threatening unforecast rain. )
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