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October 25th, 2010

October 25th, 2010

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Who: Damien and Leo
Where: Community Kitchen
When: Morning
What: Breakfast, meeting for first time.. and maybe having "the talk." ;)
Rating: TBD


Ahh.. the kitchen! Where all the cool guys hang out, obviously. XD )

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WHO: Caroline Forbes and Epiphany Greaves
WHERE: Downtown
WHEN: 8:45 pm
WHAT: Caroline's arrival
STATUS: Incomplete

Have a neurotic, control freak vampire! )

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WHO: Sam & Hermione
WHAT: Chatting.
WHEN: Late afternoon.
WHERE: Just outside of Adam's old house.
RATING: Nothing terribly high, I'd say.

Mostly Adam. He was worried for him. )

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WHO: Kitty Pryde
WHERE: In the middle of the road
WHEN: 10:30-ish.
WHAT: Kitty's Arrival
STATUS: Complete

She's here! Walking through walls, being confused, and all that cool stuff! )
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