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June 24th, 2010

June 24th, 2010

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Who: All involved in the attack on the Immortality Gate
What: Restoring Humanity
Where: A field outside Lawrence (no SPN Fans, not that field. That would be silly :p)
When: 23rd January - Afternoon
Rating : TBD
Status: In Progress

[ooc: Annnd finally. Sorry this took so long guys, crazy few days. I would suggest as usual that subthreads are the way to go. The combat lot split into as many teams as Cara thinks, Romana's Tech squad if someone wants to subthread that for us and Anne Amazing will be puppeting the Masters into things. The combat squad can do what they can to huge groups of them, consider them bad guys for those purposes but there are humans underneath. :) Who yes, will wake up very confused about all this till heaven does something wacky to fix it :p And they will :D Have fun guys, and post this thread assume all is back to normal

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Who: Ruby and two not unknown demons (spoilers for SPN S5)
What: There's a new plan. This time she's not in on it
Where: Outside the motel she and Sam spent the evening/night in
When: Middle of the night, following the previous Sam/Ruby log
Rating: High, themes
Status: Narritive, Complete
OOC: For the next while following this, Ruby ain't Ruby, she's another snarky demon that started out blonde and went black haired cause all the cool demons do that clearly. Oh yes people. It is Meg. But she's playing it safe so will be acting the part. Just a bit more bitchy if its possible. I know I know. But apocolypse!!

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