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[Jun. 4th, 2010|10:25 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Tess Jacoby and Lindsey McDonald
What: He's playing the nice guy, helping her aout after her arrival
When: Tonight
Where: His place
Warnings: And them some. NWS.

And you need a place you can let it go. Where the girls go wild, and the boys play hard, and you need a little more than just the radio. )
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[Jan. 26th, 2010|08:10 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Sam Ford and Lindsey McDonald
What: Meeting for coffee and no revelations, really
When: Monday Afternoon (After the breakfast with Eliot)

Didn't I just see you? )
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[Jan. 11th, 2010|02:11 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |amused]

Who:Hedone and Lindsey
Where: An amusement park somewhere with hot weather.
What: Riding things
When: Yesterday night
Warnings: Yes, many.

I will be the whole shebang. )
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[Jan. 10th, 2010|11:40 am]

[Tags|, , ]

Who: Sophie Devereaux, Lindsey McDonald, Eliot Spencer
What: Confronting Eliot's demons
Where: A dive bar somewhere in Texas
When: Last night
Warnings: I wouldn't read it at work

Beautiful things come from the dark )
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