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[Mar. 21st, 2009|01:59 pm]

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Who: Echo and Makenzie
Where: Undisclosed holding cell
when: Just after being taken
What: Purifiers plot
Rating: PG (Only cause I suck at writing torture for myself.)

The hairs on your arm will stand up. At the terror in each sip and in each sup. For you partake of that last offered cup, Or disappear into the potter's ground. When the man comes around. )
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[Dec. 15th, 2008|08:04 am]

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[Current Mood |nervous]

Who: Echo, Sirius, Ginger, Amelia, Savoya, Gray and Devon and Matt if she brings him along
Where: The flat
What: Dinner (and some early birthday goodness for Echo)
When: Evening
Rating: TBD

Echo was nervous, Gray had met her Uncle before, but this was different. There was so much that could go wrong, being as Sirius was an overprotective sort and Gray wanted to marry his niece. The girl had promised she would stay far from the kitchen and the dinner that was being prepared, Savoya and Gray glaring each time she came in to offer her help, so she went for a long walk, it was the only way she could keep herself from being too helpful.

After a long walk Echo finally returned to the flat to see that most everything was done and the group was there, but she realized she hadn't invited Devon. Feeling like the worlds biggest idiot Echo quickly made a call to the girl who was so important to Gray she invited her to dinner. She hoped that this would help her to get closer to being able to accept her existance and maybe help the family as a whole to get closer.
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[Oct. 14th, 2008|01:00 am]
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Who: Echo O'Brien, Jack Harkness and Gray Harkness
When: Now
Where: Address Echo gave Jack
What: Brotherly reunion
Warnings: TBD, maybe language
Rating: PG at most
Status: In progress

Jack left a quick note for Toshiko before he hightailed it out of the house and made his way to the address Echo had given him. He couldn't believe that his brother was really here. He couldn't believe he was being given a second chance. He often had to push down the fear that Gray would turn into the man that managed to murder Toshiko and helped John cause the chaos that led to Owen's final death and so much destruction in Cardiff.

He shook his head. He had to remember that this was not that Gray. He had a chance to explain to his brother more what happened. That he never meant for him to be taken. That he had wanted to find him. He felt like he actually had a chance to get his brother back. To introduce him to his family. Once he stepped in front of the door, he paused only a moment before knocking.
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[Oct. 12th, 2008|10:23 pm]

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[Current Mood |worried]

Who: Echo, Gray, Owen, Sirius, and Lily (if they want to join)
Where: Echo's apartment that she just realized she had.
When: After the last thread
Rating: TBD

He's a friend, really. So what if I just met him. )
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[Oct. 11th, 2008|02:35 am]

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[Current Mood |worried]

Who: Echo and Gray
Where: London
When: Afternoon
What: Finding him when he arrives
Rating: Lets go with...PG13 for safety's sake.

This is no fairytale. )
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[Sep. 26th, 2008|12:05 am]
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Who: Sam Wallace and Echo O’Brien
What: Late lunch!
Where: The London portkey for starters, and then who knows? Probably an eatery of some type at some point, though.
When: Today. It’s a late lunch, so probably late afternoon.
Warnings: Nah, probably not.

One small step... )
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[Aug. 23rd, 2008|10:21 pm]

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[Current Mood |anxious]

Who: Echo, Sirius and Ginger if she wants
Where: Sirius and Ginger's home
When: Afternoon
Rating: TBD

Echo worried that she should have just let things be and figure out how to manage on her own, but part of her wanted to give Siirus a chance to love or hate her before hiding away forever. It was still hard for her to understand why he didn't know her or her mom, but there was nothing to be done about that now and she couldn't go home. The other side of the coin was, Echo was excited to see him again, despite the fact that he didn't have a clue who she was seemed to fade away when she focused on how wonderful it was to have him alive again.

Finding the address with ease Echo stood in front staring at the rather large house and tried to work up the courage to ring the bell. It wasn't that it was that hard to press a button to ring a bell, it was simply she was terrified of seeing a man that had been dead to her for so long. Taking one last deep breath Echo finally walked up the front walk to the door and rang the bell.
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