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[Jan. 11th, 2010|11:01 pm]
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WHO: Aphrodite, Ares, and Bunny Munro Jr.
WHAT: Bunny is moving in with the gods...
WHERE: Teague's place, then the HOUSE OF THE GODS!!!1!11!
WHEN: Like now ish or something whatever
WARNINGS: None really at the moment...


Bunny is sitting outside on the steps of Teague's house, waiting. Everything he owns is in his lap or on his body: a new winter coat, one new outfit under it, a change of clothes in a bag, and an encyclopedia that will never really replace the one his mother gave him that was destroyed in the car crash that killed his father not two weeks ago, but it serves its purpose as distraction and escape.

He's nervous. It shows in how he taps his feet all over the place as he sits and waits. He reads his encyclopedia to distract himself from the fear that keeps catching in his throat. He's going to live somewhere new. He likes Teague and Bren but he knows they can't keep him. He likes Lilo a lot but he knows -- or hopes -- he'll see her at school, like he'll see CeeVee and Gabriel and maybe Gabriel's friend Henry. In the past month, his life has been turned so many ways inside out and upside down it's a wonder he still remembers his own name, he thinks. He's lost both his parents. He's found a few friends he can't live with or stay with. And now he's going to go live with gods. Real gods. Gods can be as real as ghosts, he reasons, and that's almost a comfort to him, because his mom and dad are ghosts now.

He waits, jiggling his feet, reading about beetles...
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