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[Dec. 27th, 2009|06:24 pm]

Time does fly when your life is devoted to serving your mistress.

Seems I missed wishing one and all a happy Christmas, save those who were at the wedding.

I'll try and make up for it by wishing one and all a happy New Year, a few days in advance. I'm quite likely to be a bit...tied up, on the actual day.
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[Sep. 27th, 2009|09:06 pm]

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My Dear Father Patrick... )
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[Sep. 24th, 2009|10:18 pm]
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Dear me, but I'd forgotten about this network.

Greetings, then.
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[Jul. 19th, 2009|10:46 pm]
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Text sent to all VIP (player-character) guests of Eden )

I'm once again haunted by that strange feeling that I've forgotten something. Oh well, I'm certain it will come to me, eventually.
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[Jun. 1st, 2009|10:33 pm]

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[May. 29th, 2009|04:27 pm]
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I don't think this is where I'm supposed to be.

[OOC: Angels & Demons spoilers likely in comments]
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