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[Jan. 8th, 2012|10:54 pm]
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I need a new book.
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[Nov. 5th, 2011|05:29 pm]
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Man, I'm sure that was the worst Halloween we've had in years. They really didn't want to stop coming, did they?

So, for those of you who hadn't heard, we have a plan: beach party. There will be a bonfire, more hot dogs and roast marshmallows and whatever than we can stand, absolutely no smiting things, and generally taking it easy for a day. Who's in? Last one to comment gets buried in the sand, I say. Where's warm this time of year?
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[Oct. 16th, 2011|09:42 pm]
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Um. Mum? Dad?

Oh, this is just like the stories.
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