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April 24th, 2009

[Apr. 24th, 2009|07:18 am]


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Ugh, I just had this horrible nightmare about this fishmonsterthing that had a long tongue made of barbedhooks and acid that licked off your skin, so it flayed you to death. The only way to avoid it doing that was to ignore it, but it's hard to ignore a thing gumming your ankle with pain. I had to watch everyone I care about get eaten, and I'm still upset, and I feel really stupid.

And now I can't sleep.


I hope this doesn't have anything to do with tomorrow and Mom.
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[Apr. 24th, 2009|03:32 pm]
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Private to the Human Doctor )
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[Apr. 24th, 2009|08:03 pm]
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For once I find myself with absolutely nothing to do. This is... well it's rather freeing and rather terrifying all at the same time, I'm not used to having much free time for myself, I'm good at keeping busy, but I finished all of my household chores earlier in the week and I've got the day off at the Library tomorrow on account of renovations, so, does anyone have some suggestions on what to do on a Friday night in London?
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[Apr. 24th, 2009|08:05 pm]
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I really like it here, I can have strawberries whenever I want to and I don't have to nick them from Karl.
...Well, mostly Karl would give them to me anyway if I asked, I'm not one of the ones who makes too much noise in his brain.
The strawberries here aren't as good as his are though. But that's okay, they're still good. And I can have junk food here, not a lot of junk food left back home, don't think there's any junk food left back home, actually. It's sad.
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[Apr. 24th, 2009|11:44 pm]


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