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November 23rd, 2008

[Nov. 23rd, 2008|04:28 am]
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Oi, Blondie.

I ain't popped this kid out yet, so the doc said you should stick your dick in me till my balloon pops. I swear he did. Better get on that shit. Podbaby wants out.
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|08:19 am]
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So, the coming interview I am not (repeat, not), going to hit on anyone.

I don't care if. . . Carmen Electra magically deaged back to when she was super hot instead of just really hot walks into the office, I'm going to assume that she is a secretary looking to fuck me over.

And not in the fun way.

Naamah )

Scott )

EDIT:Sophie and Rose )
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|12:56 pm]


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[Current Mood |scared]

I saw the bad man on here...

Is he going to hurt my new mommy and daddy now too?
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|01:01 pm]


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[Current Mood |chipper]

Piper )

Remus )
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|01:58 pm]
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Alan )

Matt )

Gojyo )
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|04:16 pm]


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Y'know, with all the Yanks around going on about turkey and things, it's made me a bit peckish. What say we have a dinner, American style and all? We could do up a turkey, and by we, I mean Lily and Moony, because neither Prongs nor Padfoot should be permitted near ovens or raw poultry. There are lots of things to be thankful for, I mean. Marriages. Children. Cute feathery girlfriends.

Edit: It's a dumb idea, isn't it? Never mind. How about toast? Who wants toast? I'm going to make toast.
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|05:13 pm]


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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|06:05 pm]
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stitch is not home where is lilo help stitch is lost lilo is lost where is kauai island home
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|07:23 pm]

I declare cinnamon gingerbread coffee the official drink of my kingdom.

I am, by the way, the new King of England. It was time for a change.

No disrespect to those who came before me, no hard feelings. As I said, it was time for a change.
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|07:48 pm]

Fiyero )
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|08:11 pm]
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I just found the last bag of Halloween candy, and its still good.

Mom just made this amazing smelling pie, I think it's cheescake or something but...the smell is incredible.

ME. For the WIN.
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|08:21 pm]
Nate, if I don't get out of this house tonight I'm liable to kill everyone in Genosha. I've been yelling at everyone all day. Lorna and Alex fled earlier, and haven't been back since.

I swear to God, it's like everything just pisses me off!
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[Nov. 23rd, 2008|08:41 pm]

My daddy getted me this journal sos I cans talk to peoples.
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