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July 10th, 2008

[Jul. 10th, 2008|08:47 am]

The girl that wanted to know how to surf...do you still want to learn?
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[Jul. 10th, 2008|08:58 am]

It's been a long time since I have been this happy. Especially since being here.
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Screw this; [Jul. 10th, 2008|09:58 am]


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[Current Mood |pissed off]

Em )

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[locked against papa winchester] Faith, Em and I are drivin' to Vegas from Philly. We'll call now and again. Unless you wanted to, ya know, go with?
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[Jul. 10th, 2008|10:42 am]
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Okay, I officially like this universe better than home.
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[Jul. 10th, 2008|02:12 pm]


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Life's too short to sweat the small stuff. I've got some cool friends that's for sure.

Not an assholeDean - Thank you so much for the chocolate. I think I have enough now to last me a year or so. I know you know it already, but you're a pretty awesome friend.

Weevil- I know that you offered me a ride. Do you have time? Can we do that soon? I've never been on a motorcycle before.

Em- Have a good trip babe. Play a game of black jack for me, okay?

Faith- There's something I need to tell you.

Kyle- ♥
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[Jul. 10th, 2008|04:09 pm]
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Okay who summoned me?

The whirlwind was a little excessive though, you only have to ask.
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[Jul. 10th, 2008|09:17 pm]
[Current Music |Lemon Demon - Smell Like a Cookie all Day]

(This is a musical file, which features Marius goofing off singing and playing the acoustic guitar. He's not bad at either, but the fact that he's not taking it seriously is evident.)

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[Jul. 10th, 2008|10:45 pm]
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It's official; I quit my psychiatrist's job. It was trying to kill me. For now, I'm just helping Atton in the shop, but would anyone like to hire an ex-Jedi with a gift for helping - but not fixing - people?

Atton )
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