Dec. 6th, 2008



Hello all!

I've put up a thread for Melinda's party for Saturday evening. It's located HERE.

There are three sections - arrivals, party, and go home. This is so we have a bit of organization, but also so people who can't tag in tonight, can still arrive at the party "on time". Feel free to start your own threads within those sections, etc. etc. Any questions, direct them to me!


Remember, all are welcome - she announced this in the journal, so anyone with a journal, anyone who knows someone with a journal, anyone who knows someone who knows someone with a journal are invited, not to mention co-workers, friends, etc. She's probably invited half of the wizarding world!

Oh - and she's asked that everyone bring a bit of alcohol to contribute to the party.


Nov. 26th, 2008


The PD

has arrived! Join in!

Nov. 18th, 2008



Hello all!

I'm here with an announcement about two public thread opportunities!

Order members - feel free to drop in to the Hog's Head last night to chat with Tonks and Remus about Order business! Ping Mrs. Tonks and/or Mrs. Remus for one of their characters. :D Lots to discuss and all that. Also, anybody not Order is welcome to drop in too, according to the header! Again, ping Mrs. Tonks to do that or go with a friend, etc! Just tag into the thread and Mrs. Tonks will respond! She promises!

And tonight, Gawain is in the Leaky looking all depressed and forlorn with the way things are going.


Don't forget that those BS Forms (ha, great abbreviation, don't you think?) are due tomorrow for all Ministry employees!

Nov. 9th, 2008


PTO and Club Charybdis Resource

Hey all!

There's a public thread open at Club Charybdis. It's on the corner of Knockturn and Diagon, second floor of the building. The first floor is a real estate witch. The club is only open past 9 pm (which is why we don't see it in the books) and tonight is their tenth anniversary, so half-priced drinks!

Feel free to drop your character in, and make up any number of unsavory types you meet along the way. It's probably attracting a bit of a different crowd than it did a year ago ... make up any details? Just reply with them to this post so we can keep it all together!

Oct. 19th, 2008


PTO (Public Thread Opportunity)

Hi all!

As promised, I've tossed Melinda into Diagon for work (HERE), so if anybody wants to play, please feel free to reply to the original thread (in other words, don't tag into a thread that's already ongoing - make a new one for your character and Melinda!)

Just ping me and we can start playing! Don't worry if she's already talked to a bunch of people - she can talk to many characters!