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Feb. 16th, 2009



I'm bored, someone play with me!

Jan. 14th, 2009


Hey everyone,

Are they going to notice?
sorry to be annoying, but with Roger being in possession of the journals, he can only postpone owling them out for a couple of days, so I was wondering when/how it would be made public?

Jan. 10th, 2009


For those were invited for Janelle's dinner party it is up. You can post in arrivals as well as dinner. The dinner is called at 6:45 and you can write conversations at the dinner table. Chat all you like. I am spending the night at my friends house and leaving in 3 hours. So don't feel like you need to wait for me so chat all you like. I will be back tomorrow to reply to those I need to.

Penny will be around tomorrow so do not fear.

Jan. 4th, 2009


Fred and George

Hi guys, just as a headsup, Fred and George are open for recasting. Also, please feel free to pimp our comm to friends, family, enemies, etc. We'd love to have some more players/characters.


Howdy folks! Just wanted to let everyone know I'm back and Adrian and Verity are around for play again. Ping me if you want to do anything!


Dec. 23rd, 2008


Hey everyone,

Just letting y'all know that I'm leaving to go home tomorrow. The flights back have been delayed loads so I probably won't be online at all tomorrow, or the 6th and 7th when I return. However, in between those two dates I'll be staying with my parents with very little if anything at all to do, so I will be online way more, on EST. That being said, I'd love to use the opportunity to play or plot out some more stuff for Megan and Roger, since I've had difficulty to do so in the past, and since they have nearly nothing at all to do. Please?

Dec. 16th, 2008



Hey guys. I put Fleur in an open thread in Diagon for anyone that is interested in scening with her, friends, foes, etc. All are welcome.

Dec. 14th, 2008


Hullo people,

So, I just want to be awfully sorry about being absent so much recently, due to general school type business and current lack of proper computer, as mine did a slightly caboom-ish thing and stopped working some time ago. Will be getting it back by the end of next week, I presume, but until then my ability to participate is heavily lessened thanks to the fact that I'm rocking a rather prehistorical number right now with ridiculously bad internet connection and some other major failages, like the fact that it won't run about any other IM software than MSN D: If someone knows a web based thingie that can log onto AIM or Y!M, that'd be totally fecking sweet and I'd love you forever! ♥

Again, I'm terribly sorry.

- Mirka

Dec. 12th, 2008


Activity Check

Hello All. I know with the holidays that participation is getting more difficult, but we really want to see everyone participating so our game can continue to flourish. Activity Checks are being done and there is a deadline for Primary characters for activity by the Fifteenth. While this is no fun for anyone, it is essential. We would also, in most cases, like you to consider it a nudge to remember to post rather than mod-thwapping!

The following Primary Characters have not yet completed a thread for the period of 12/1-12/15 and need to complete one by the nineteenth to avoid being swept and recast.

Fred Weasley (Incomplete Thread from 12/1)
George Weasley (Incomplete Thread from 12/1)
Gawain Robards (Incomplete Thread from 12/8)
Nymphadora Lupin (No pending threads)

All other Primary Characters are Up To Date.

The following Secondary Characters have not yet started any threads in the period of 12/1-12/30 but are in good standing. They have until the end of the month to start and complete a thread so this is just a gentle reminder.

Marietta Edgecombe
Megan Jones

The following Secondary Characters have not yet started any threads in the period of 12/1-12/30 and have not completed a thread in more than thirty days but may have incomplete threads pending from November. The incomplete threads should be finished or new threads started and completed by 12/19 or the characters may be swept. Note that November threads will not count towards December's posting requirement and that a second scene will still need to be started and completed between 12/1 and 12/30 by the next activity check.

Angelina Johnson
Viktor Krum

Justin Finch-Fletchley

All other Secondary and Tertiary Characters are Currently in Good standing.

If for some reason you cannot post and do not wish to be swept, please contact a mod to ask for an extension or game hiatus. Extensions/Exemptions are granted only on a case by case basis.

Dec. 10th, 2008



Verity is working at WWW. With her two year old daughter sister in tow.

Drop in. Cause mayhem. Or be affected by mayhem caused by the small child.

I'm going to shower. When I return I expect people to torture! :P

Dec. 6th, 2008



Hello all!

I've put up a thread for Melinda's party for Saturday evening. It's located HERE.

There are three sections - arrivals, party, and go home. This is so we have a bit of organization, but also so people who can't tag in tonight, can still arrive at the party "on time". Feel free to start your own threads within those sections, etc. etc. Any questions, direct them to me!


Remember, all are welcome - she announced this in the journal, so anyone with a journal, anyone who knows someone with a journal, anyone who knows someone who knows someone with a journal are invited, not to mention co-workers, friends, etc. She's probably invited half of the wizarding world!

Oh - and she's asked that everyone bring a bit of alcohol to contribute to the party.


Dec. 1st, 2008



Hi all,

Just a note, to PLEASE go and make sure you frien people back, otherwise we can't see any flocked entries in your journal to reply to or just read.

So please?


I am not a happy camper. Cause it is the very end of the semester, and I have to spend my time writing essays rather than playing with you folks!

That being said, I would like to be around. I might get to be around. We shall see.

I just wanted to put up a fair warning. Am going to definitely finish Verity's thread with the twins, but I probably won't be up for any new ones till the semester is over.


Nov. 27th, 2008


Oh I'm not - I'm just here to - I don't have - I'm here with...

Hey happy roleplayers!

My name is Amber and I'll be playing your friendly neighborhood Katie Bell in this fantastic community. Aside from being a huge Renthead (proven by the subject of this post :D), I'm actually quite an avid roleplayer, but I've been seriously MIA in the past few months. But! Being home for Thanksgiving break has inspired me to dust off my ol' Katie and put her to good use.

I say it like that because, quite frankly, I've been RPing Katie for years and years and years. Since the Neopet days. Oh yeah. She's basically my baby. :D I'm very very invested in her and I'm EXTREMELY excited to be playing her in community where most of her closest friends are also active (Where my past Qudditch team at? :D).

So yeah. I think that's it. OH! Just kidding, there's more; in my application, I included a paragraph lifted from Katie's history in a previous game which, in essence, just states that Katie went to the Yule Ball (because it was never stated in canon ack!) with a certain redheaded twin (you know, the one who didn't have a blatantly stated date :D). But they went totally as just really good friends. And it doesn't affect the action that much now. It's just simmering in the backstory. But, alas, if the George mun has a problem with that, I'll delete it pronto.

Okay. NOW that's it. You can contact me on AIM at histrioniccs or, more commonly, on YIM at slippingxintotheairwaves. Let's plot out backstory. :]

- Amber

Nov. 26th, 2008


The PD

has arrived! Join in!

Nov. 22nd, 2008



Pleased to meet you. I'm your new George, stopping by to say hi to everyone<3. Somewhere in the very near future I'll be adding people to Y!M and AIM, so when someone under id neulaholisti bothers you that would be me. (Actually I'll start adding you as soon as I find a decent and mac-friendly multi-IM-thing, which will hopefully be soon. If someone can recommend something that meets up with those two requirements, especially the mac-friendly part, I'd be more than happy to hear about it.)
That's all for time being (well, since everyone else were doing these nicetomeetyou -posts, my lack of individuality made me do one too!), I'm looking forward to doing all those lovely rpg related things with you and George is looking forward to doing Georgie kind of things to enlighten your lives.


Nov. 20th, 2008



Hello ladies!

This is your friendly neighborhood mod with a little announcement that there will be player chats this weekend to chat and plot and all that jazz. The upcoming week is insanely busy with canon(ish) plot, which is yay! Those plots will go up tomorrow sometime.

Talk to everybody Saturday and Sunday!

Nov. 18th, 2008



Hello all!

I'm here with an announcement about two public thread opportunities!

Order members - feel free to drop in to the Hog's Head last night to chat with Tonks and Remus about Order business! Ping Mrs. Tonks and/or Mrs. Remus for one of their characters. :D Lots to discuss and all that. Also, anybody not Order is welcome to drop in too, according to the header! Again, ping Mrs. Tonks to do that or go with a friend, etc! Just tag into the thread and Mrs. Tonks will respond! She promises!

And tonight, Gawain is in the Leaky looking all depressed and forlorn with the way things are going.


Don't forget that those BS Forms (ha, great abbreviation, don't you think?) are due tomorrow for all Ministry employees!

Nov. 17th, 2008



Howdy folks! It's Hannah (Adrian) bringing you another one of my babies. This is Ms. Verity De Luca. She's a Slytherin graduate, Fred/George/etc's year, Pureblood (but not snotty about it). And she's rather a free spirit....a bit kooky and very outgoing, so she's up for threading with just about anyone.

Her info is up on her journal- I have a couple of things I'd love to work out with people, backstory-wise if anyone is interested, such as the identity of then father of her daughter Michaela and just exactly who her Death Eater relations are! (She keeps both of those things hush hush, though....because think of the fun drama it could cause when the latter is revealed in game!)

I'll be around after 10pm EST tonight if anyone wants to ping me on YM or AIM! YM is missonichick and AIM is BCBGBallerina.


Hullo there,

this is your new Fred Weasley speaking. Pleased to make your acquaintance and all that ♥ I'm just saying "Hi" and warning you that I'm adding everyone onto my Y!M (helsinkisyndrome) or AIM (helsinkisyndrome, also) once I've figured out how to work that part of Trillian. I'm really glad to be here and excited to get plotting and threading with everyone.


- Mirka

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