November 22nd, 2008

[info]saint_gred in [info]sw_authors


Pleased to meet you. I'm your new George, stopping by to say hi to everyone<3. Somewhere in the very near future I'll be adding people to Y!M and AIM, so when someone under id neulaholisti bothers you that would be me. (Actually I'll start adding you as soon as I find a decent and mac-friendly multi-IM-thing, which will hopefully be soon. If someone can recommend something that meets up with those two requirements, especially the mac-friendly part, I'd be more than happy to hear about it.)
That's all for time being (well, since everyone else were doing these nicetomeetyou -posts, my lack of individuality made me do one too!), I'm looking forward to doing all those lovely rpg related things with you and George is looking forward to doing Georgie kind of things to enlighten your lives.