November 17th, 2008

[info]fireheadjester in [info]sw_authors

Hullo there,

this is your new Fred Weasley speaking. Pleased to make your acquaintance and all that ♥ I'm just saying "Hi" and warning you that I'm adding everyone onto my Y!M (helsinkisyndrome) or AIM (helsinkisyndrome, also) once I've figured out how to work that part of Trillian. I'm really glad to be here and excited to get plotting and threading with everyone.


- Mirka

[info]veritas_amor in [info]sw_authors


Howdy folks! It's Hannah (Adrian) bringing you another one of my babies. This is Ms. Verity De Luca. She's a Slytherin graduate, Fred/George/etc's year, Pureblood (but not snotty about it). And she's rather a free spirit....a bit kooky and very outgoing, so she's up for threading with just about anyone.

Her info is up on her journal- I have a couple of things I'd love to work out with people, backstory-wise if anyone is interested, such as the identity of then father of her daughter Michaela and just exactly who her Death Eater relations are! (She keeps both of those things hush hush, though....because think of the fun drama it could cause when the latter is revealed in game!)

I'll be around after 10pm EST tonight if anyone wants to ping me on YM or AIM! YM is missonichick and AIM is BCBGBallerina.