December 21st, 2008

[info]sw_bellatrix in [info]strugglewithin

RP: At home with the Lestranges

Date: 21 September 1997
Characters: Mr. and Mrs. Lestrange
Location: Undisclosed manor house
Status: Private
Summary: A quiet Sunday morning with the Lestranges
Completion: InComplete

[info]unspun in [info]strugglewithin

RP: Dinner with the Enemy?

Characters: Alicia Spinnet, Xavier Selwyn
Place: Selwyn Estate
Date: 21 September 1997
Summary: A dinner party in enemy territory.
Status: Private/Complete
Warnings: TBD/Rating TBD:

Dinner had been lovely. )

[info]veritas_amor in [info]strugglewithin

RP: Cat and Mouse

Date: 21 September 1997
Characters: Verity De Luca, Caleb Warrington
Location: Club Charybdis
Status: Private
Summary: Verity runs into Caleb.
Completion: Complete

Or rather, Verity spots Caleb attempting to beat a quick retreat and pounces. )