Oct. 5th, 2008



Welcome to The Struggle Within!

SW is a Harry Potter Role Playing Game set during Deathy Hallows where the actions and lives of those of the older generation is explored. Any character who wasn't at Hogwarts during DH and wasn't part of the Trio is open for casting!

In SW, one day game-time is one day real-time. The months are a bit off, since we're starting in the summer and it currently is not the summer. If the days of the real month don't match up with the days of the game-month, just go along with it. You haven't lived until you've seen a February with 31 days! Really! :)

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All our entries are sorted by tag as well, for easy searching. Tags are sorted by character, as well as by month. There are also tags for owl posts and journal posts.

When a scene is complete, we also ask that a *complete tag be added to the list of tags, and the header of the scene be changed to reflect it's completion status as well.