Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

PB: Margot Robbie
Team: Alpha
Role: Healer
Codename: Gemini

Healing Aura:
Any living organism within a 5M radius of her is granted accelerated healing while they maintain proximity. The closer they are, the faster they’ll heal. The energy is generated by her life force, which is ambient, not bodily contained. Too much can be syphoned from her if she’s surrounded by numerous subjects with extreme or lethal injuries.
Ontopathogenesis (OPG):
More than just simple pathogens, bacteria, viruses and toxins, she can infect and alter the nature of a subject's existence. Her ability is a parasitic link on both a physical and metaphysical level to targeted organisms in a 30M radius. She saps and steals their strength, energy and consciousness in a temporary hive mind/condition, essentially seizing control and using them to her benefit (like the Cordyceps parasite infects ants). The greater number of thralls in her control, the more resources and energy she has available to share with allies. This destroys subjects over the course of 10-20 mins if she doesn’t release and heal them. OPG can be used in a targeted manner to speed rot, aging, radioactive decay, half-life, and decrease life span. If she’s feeling petty she can just give you the flu.
Normal biological manip, with additions from her OPG. If Gemini takes too much damage or her energy is wholly depleted from excessive healing, her body dies. She’ll disperse her molecules in a cloud of highly toxic, virulent pathogens that infect and rapidly consume nearby subjects. Because her lifeforce is not corporal, she regenerates from the residual matter, completely renewed. She positions strategically to cause as much damage as possible when she does so, not above being a kamikaze when it’s beneficial.

Elizabeth Swannick is monumentally screwed up. The cruelty she endured before CPS took her at age nine resulted in Dissociative Identity Disorder, and a host of phobias and ticks. “Beth” is kind and feminine, friendly but cautious, introverted, jumpy and afflicted with unresolved guilt and trauma from her childhood. She genuinely wants to use her abilities benevolently, dislikes hurting people and is privately troubled when she has too. “Liz” is wild, boisterous, fearless, hypersexual, unapologetic, constantly pushing the boundaries of her abilities with little concern for consequence and tends to leave empathizing to her 'lesser half.' She also really loves to steal your stuff. Gemini switches between the two personas at unpredictable intervals. Both share a deep dedication to the program, and pride in their work. There is a rare, nameless third personality, as well. She never stays long.

So I'm apping two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lines are crack. Grabby hands for a few pals who tolerate her crazy, one in particular who has her figured out and can trigger the switch between personalities, people she freaks out, regular inferno partners, people she likes to experiment on, or who experiment on her, possibly one or two of Liz's brief past flings before they realized that's über ill-advised, and I'd love to have someone she goes to to get her head shrunk a bit now and then. open to everything, and all questions help!
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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

PB: Ryan Reynolds
Codename: Onslaught
Team: Alpha
Role: TANK (#2?)
Regenerative Healing Factor — His cell growth is what gives him the capability of rapid regeneration. He can recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs, and limbs. With this, he has also been able to slow his aging. This grants him to be in good physical shape because his body is constantly reverting to a healthy state which includes, inexhaustible stamina and vitality.

Enhanced Condition (secondary) — He possess other enhanced physical abilities:
•Strength — He is capable of lifting two tons.
•Stamina — His muscularity musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days before fatigue takes over.
•Agility — His agility, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
•Reflexes — His auto-reflexes allow him to easily dodge gunfire and attacks even when not consciously aware of them.
•Durability — Bone and muscle tissues are augmented to levels that are considerably stronger and harder than human and the tissues are impervious to injury to an extraordinary extent. He possesses golden-proportioned body, and even without training his muscles are brawny and his body shape doesn't change no matter how many calories he intakes.

So beyond that, this is what I also have about him. His birth name is Adrián, but will prefer to be called Onslaught. He will be very crazy, and more than likely a sociopath. He's pansexual, and will be a massive flirt. He'll be an expert at making people very uncomfortable. I decided that he is going to be with the program since '95. Thoughts? Ideas? Plots?
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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

PB: Frances Bean Cobain
Codename: ghost? poltergeist?
Team: wherever she works best or people want her - not actually picky!
Role: Infiltration
Powers: Meredith dies. That’s when her abilities kick in. She’s a vanilla person up until that point, then, afterwards, she’s one hell of a force to be reckoned with. She appears as a shadow of herself, around the edges the shadows bleed off of her like ink underwater.

Ghosted: When her heart stops, her spirit jumps from her body. In that form, Meredith can tear shit up. Physical barriers don’t stop her in the slightest because she’s not physically there. She invokes feelings of dread and fear the closer she gets IE people frequently report their hair standing on end, getting the shivers/skin crawling, or just feeling like something is wrong.

Forces Manipulation : Meredith’s ghost form drains electricity and energy from things. It’s innate, something she can’t control. Everywhere she goes, she draws it in, dropping temperatures in approximately a 5 foot radius around her, killing batteries, interrupting circuits, if she’s around too long plants wilt, etc.

She can focus that energy to hit things, and when she does it hits like a mack truck. It’s not even close to precise, she isn’t going to be taking up ghost sharpshooting any time soon. It’s much more like a shotgun. The spread is wide so she doesn’t so much have to aim as just get in the general vicinity. She’s still working on trying to adjust the force she hits with. Right now it’s a big blast that knocks doors off of hinges and squishes people, or she’s just a shadow that stares menacingly at people while they pee themselves. She never admits to this, but the only thing she can see that makes even a little difference is her emotional state. If she’s angry or worked up about something, she hits harder. She hasn’t figured out how to take things down a notch or five.

The only other way she has worked out how to re-direct energy is through radio frequencies. She can be heard through speakers(even if it’s on a dead radio, weirdly enough). It’s staticky, but she can definitely communicate that way. Otherwise she can’t talk to anyone because she makes no sound. She’s learned sign language, but she doesn’t know how helpful that is. Also, if she remains in one spot, the temperature keeps dropping, frosting up windows, etc.

Also uncontrolled but rarer is when she’s emotionally amped up, poltergeist activity kicks up. Objects move around on their own before crashing against walls, doors open and slam shut continually, windows break. It is only during episodes like this that she’s heard, and it’s only in the form of a reverberating scream.

Resurrection: So, clearly she doesn't stay dead. She doesn't have Deadpool’s healing factor or anything, but when she dies, her body does slowly heal itself back up to life again. The process can be helped along by doing things like stitching her up, or removing bullets from her head/heart, etc, but so far she just has to wait til her heart decides to start again before she gets pulled back to her body. The longest she’s ever remained ‘dead’ has been over a week. Non-fatal wounds heal at a totally normal rate. While ‘dead’ she doesn’t decay.


still working her out and all!! anyone like her/want a line or just wanna talk dynamics? she's a deeply angry/depressed individual, I'd love if someone could help get through her spiked walls of doom.
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Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

PB: Luma Grothe
Team: Alpha
Role: Surveillance
Codename: Morpheus

Dream Manipulation Can create, shape, enter and manipulate the dreams of others, including modifying, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, and observing dreams as well as nightmares. She is also able to attack people within their dreams, though as of yet has not taken to assassinating anyone as they sleep.

Telekinetic Combat (secondary) is able to utilize telekinesis in combination of physical combat, pushing/pulling, moving/lifting objects/people for attack and/or defense, etc. She is also capable of firing bullets of telekinetic energy that at their lowest level can stun a person, and at their highest can pierce through steel(depending on its thickness).

She's still pretty much a work in progress, but here are some tidbits that I have. Morpheus was born mute. Her vocal chords did not completely develop as she grew within her mother's womb, leaving her without the ability to speak. Her abilities manifested when she was in her teens, and it was soon after that that Ghost Corp got involved. She was entered into the Poltergeist Program, advancing on to Ghost Corp where she was placed in one of their established teams.
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Monday, August 15th, 2016

PB: Priyanka Chopra
Team: Alpha
Role: Damage #3
Codename: Tesla
Powers: Electromagnetism manipulation. The ability to manipulate electromagnetic forces, and consequently affect both magnetic and electric fields. Given her present level of training, her power has been predominantly displayed through the following means:
Electrical Absorption & Conductivity - As a living conduit, her body can withstand high voltages, making her nearly invulnerable to electricity. She is not capable of generating her own electricity and must draw power from an existing source, acting as a human battery, though there is a limit to how long she can retain a high charge before it must be expelled. She can discharge it in various forms, such as bolts and bombs (held together by a magnetic field).

Magnetism Manipulation - Limited control over magnetic fields. She can manipulate magnetic metal objects (made of iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys), and generate small-scale defensive force fields around herself and those in close physical proximity. The larger the metal object and field, the greater strain it puts on her body to alter; overexertion of her powers can lead to acute physical and mental fatigue. She can also "sense" magnetic fields, allowing her to detect metal objects and the natural magnetic auras around living beings.

Electromagnetic Infusion/Emission - Can infuse an object with electromagnetism, using it to attract and repulse magnetic metals, as well as discharge a limited amount of electricity or an EM pulse. Can also produce a surge of electromagnetic energy, which can disrupt and disable nearby technology. If not in direct contact with a specific object, she is liable to unselectively short out everything within range.

Electrical Adhesion - AKA static cling; can crawl, walk, run up walls and impart adhesive fields to others/objects using static electricity. Must be in physical contact to induce a charge and cannot extend her personal adhesion to carry masses beyond her own body weight. Infrequently used and wears off when the object is grounded.

Telepathic Resistance - While not immune to telepathy, the fluctuation of electromagnetic impulses in her body and brain make it difficult for her mind to be read or assaulted by telepaths and those with related abilities.
Background: TL;DR version: Divya's been with the Corps for the last 14 years. In the wake of 9/11, she was targeted by a group of racist bullies, and defended herself with her newly manifested powers. Despite being the victim of a hate crime, Divya wound up being taken into custody and eventually put into the Ghost Corps. At this point? Well, she's accepted her lot in life. She misses her family and her freedom, but at least she's not being detained in a black site prison--and she knows how easily she could be there, given how dangerous her powers can get. Divya is surprisingly well-adjusted, still a "good girl" who wants to make a positive difference, and sincere about making the best of a rather shitty situation. She tends to play by the rules, follow orders, be a good soldier, but she's compassionate and kind above all, and even a bit afraid of her own abilities. Full bio can be found here!
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Friday, August 12th, 2016

NAME: Dean Armstrong
PB: Jon Bernthal
ROLE: Alpha Handler #2

Hello, all! Dean here joined the marines straight out of high school; he did a tour of duty in Iraq, two in Afghanistan, and then was honorably discharged after ten years in 2005 for reasons he doesn't discuss. He returned to his hometown of Henderson, NV and joined the police force, where he worked until 2010 years before again retiring to do private investigation for a Las Vegas law firm.

In 2013, he was recruited by the Ghost Corps as a handler. Personality wise, he tends to be on the quiet side. He doesn't say a whole lot and half the time his facial expressions speak for him. In spite of this steely outward appearance, he has a soft nougat-y center and is probably very attached to his supers, preferring to treat them with respect and kindness, and he definitely battles feelings of guilt about how they're treated as weapons and tools as opposed to people.

He almost certainly has a fish named Hans Grouper that he may or may not carry a picture of in his wallet, ahem. It's incredibly hard to make him laugh but the truth is, he probably has a very keen sense of humor and just prefers not to show it. I'm open for all the things! (Also, I almost wish handlers had codenames so his could be hilariously ironic like Chuckles or something)

ETA: I don't have a preference as to which handler he is, 2 vs. 3, so if there's one that is wanted more than the other based on who their supers are please let me know! definitely #2, not to make a bathroom joke or anything.
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Thursday, August 11th, 2016

PB: Harry Lloyd (I think)
Team: Alpha
Role: Tank #2
Codename: Frameshift


Blood Manipulation: The closest thing he has to a primary, given how many uses he's found for it. Ingestion or absorption of blood can be directed to heal himself and any damage done to his dermal armor, but he's wholly unable to heal anyone else. He can draw blood out of a person's body (or his own) and use it as a weapon by crystallizing it. Other fun tidbits like causing pain and blood clots are possible, but he takes that route less often. In dire circumstances, he can actually manipulate blood to physically move people like a marionette, but that takes an enormous amount of energy and concentration so you won't see him doing it much.

Dermal Armor: He can alter the structure of his skin, nails, hair, and feathers to become any organic substance. Diamond, chitin, enamel, etc they're all fair game but something like steel is out of the picture.
Large, white feathered wings - following the trend in some birds, his wingspan, wingtip to wingtip, is roughly three times his height - about 18 feet. They fold up fairly compactly along his back, but he has very little hope of passing for normal because they do not fit comfortably under a shirt: he winds up looking like he's got some weird growth on his shoulders and back and it's just no good. If he wants to look completely human, someone's gotta cast an illusion for him or something. He uses his wings for flight and protection, basically living shields.

In a nutshell, he can fly in, take a massive beating, absorb some blood, and feel right as rain. I have him as Tank #1 for Echo, but I was debating between that and Tank #2 for Alpha. Any opinions/thoughts? Nevermind, I've been converted, I think. :o
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Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

PB: Xavier Dolan
Team/Role: Alpha/Damage #2
Codename: Force
Gravity Manipulation: Del has the ability to create, shape, and manipulate gravitation. It can be used both offensively and defensively, but Del admittedly has more experience using his power as a weapon than as a shield.

Life-force Absorption: Manipulating gravity can take a lot out of a person, but Del can compensate by replenishing his energy by taking someone else's. He can only do it by direct touch, his flesh touching someone else's. He has general control of it, but that control lessens if he is tired, overly pressured, overly emotional, or sick.

ETC: Has been with the program since he was about fifteen - his mother had been a part of the program for a couple of years before running. Del was plucked out of the criminal system after a life of petty crime, has been going along for the ride because there aren't many other options for him at this point and it's better than nothing. And, you know, where else would people not only let him cause chaos, but actually want him to? Generally a chill-ish person, a tiny bit of a Peter Parker type nerd with a bit of Harley Quinn type madness, likes to sit back and be sarcastic and grin a lot.
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Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

PB: Tom Hardy
Team/Role: Alpha/Damage #4
Codename: Dragon


Marcus can manipulate living fire. He can even redirect flames or will it into different shapes if he sees fit. In fact, the more he works with the element, the more control and manipulation over any type of flame or heat he theoretically has. Even to the point, now mastered, he can even ignite a fire from nothing at the molecular level.

BURNING UP: As a side affect of his primary power, Marcus runs much hotter than the average human. When thermal scanned he clocks at a cool 104 degrees.

FIRE BREATHING: Much like his call sign would imply, like any dragon worth its weight, Marcus can accelerate his own cells to generate an immense heat and then purge it from either his hands, mouth or both. It's a party trick that he can do only so many times as it requires a great deal of physical energy.

Secondaries: TOUGHNESS
Like the power implies, Marcus is made of tougher stuff. He can physically absorb a great deal of damage as his skin is tougher than Kevlar. He feels the hits and best believe it hurts him to the point of irritation but he isn't completely impervious. A mini gun is not Marcus' friend. Nor is an elephant gun.

IMMUNE TO FIRE: Because of his tough skin, Marcus is impervious to fire. The heat of the sun? Likely not. But fire in its natural state on Earth or even focused to be blue hot, Marcus is immune to it.

The user's physical are above natural members of their species in that verse, beyond what can be emulated via natural training and with little to no maintaining. This entails that they are faster, stronger, and overall physically more superior to fellow members of their species, without being obviously supernatural.

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I'd like to place a hold for the following, please!

PB: Phoebe Tonkin
Team/Role: Alpha/Wildcard
Codename: Nocturne
Umbrakinesis, night vision, dimensional transportation. Elia Rousseau, barely-contained hellion and bad girl. She embraces her power over darkness fully, and tends to set off alarms for people with a better set of morals than she has. Her favorite trick is creating small, vicious umbra-minions to attack her enemies, although they can also serve other purposes (surveillance, infiltration, making cocktails.) In a pinch, she can also be useful for extraction, if whoever she's helping is strong enough for a trip through the shadow-dimension she can travel through.
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I've got a couple of holds to put in.

PB: Scott Eastwood
Team/role: Alpha/damage #1
Codename: Blitz
Super speed, kinetic energy conversion, and concussive blasts. His speed falls somewhere between mach 1 and mach 2, haven't decided yet. Kind of a womanizing asshole, but charming about it. Would love to have some exes and ex-flings for him. Already have a love interest in mind for him who will be brought in later. Brother and roommate to Backlash (below) and they make a kick-ass team.

PB: Bridget Regan
Team/role: Foxtrot/TBD
Codename: Reaper
Has the ability to sense the dead and necrokinesis. She's like this but even cooler. I'd love for her to operate the facility's morgue because of her abilities, and to keep some bodies on ice for her to use. Would also love for there to be people creeped out by her. She's kinda borderline to sociopathy and would be a mad scientist if she could, but she does her damnedest to pretend to be normal and sweet and nice and all that, so no one would know the thoughts lurking underneath except maybe a strong telepath.

PB: Natalie Dormer
Team/role: Alpha/handler #1
Codename: N/A
A little bit of a stone cold bitch. Transferred from the CIA (tentatively) a few years ago and has been handling Alpha since then. Prefers to see supers as tools more than people, but I'm open to some of her supers changing that opinion. Would love to get Alphas tank #2, healer, and the other two handlers. Open to lines with other teams, too!
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This is Backlash, aka Brandon Calhoun (aka Chris Hemsworth). He's an Aussie who came to America for college and got involved in the college basketball world. If not for his powers manifesting when he was around 23, he would have gone on to become a professional player. Instead, Brandon was arrested, taken into custody, trained, and eventually ended up on Alpha Team as Tank #1. His ability involves absorbing the kinetic energy directed at him and using it to change things about himself: a conscious spin on reactive adaptation. These changes are not permanent, and will last only as long as he can absorb enough kinetic energy to sustain them (or he consciously lets an adaptation go to conserve energy).
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Thursday, July 28th, 2016

If you want to apply to [info]ghostcorps, you must first make a hold. In order to hold, you must post in this comm with the information you would like to reserve and your character concept. Please refer to the information at the top of the journal for more details. If you have multiple characters you would like to hold, you can either make one post per character or condense them into one. However, if more than a day or two passes between these character ideas, please make separate posts so that the mods will definitively see the new holds.
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