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[05 Oct 2022|04:01am]
Character A (played by you) is a priest. Character B (played by me) is a member of his church, but hasn't attended in years. He comes to character B after his boyfriend beat him badly and he has no where else to go. He seeks counsel, a friend, someone to help him.

Character A is attracted to yours and ends up falling for him. I suspect this will be a bit of a slow burn given everything he's been through and the fact that your character is a priest. I want to explore struggle, faith, lack of faith, risk, being true to yourself and more. I would like for them to get together at some point. Looking for someone to brainstorm with and who brings their own ideas to the table as well.
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[05 Oct 2022|11:47am]
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[05 Oct 2022|02:06pm]
a dad for my michael? the more vulgar and gruff, the better.
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