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[04 Oct 2022|07:13am]
could i get something slash for macaulay? open to do pb as well
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[04 Oct 2022|09:21am]
Listening to a new podcast about Buffy has me very very nostalgic. I'm looking for something set in the Buffyverse for a tender young gay Watcher.

Flip things and he's got a male slayer?

Him and a demon? Vampire? Souls are negotiable. Another Watcher at Watcher's academy for a boy's school spinoff? Something else I haven't even thought of? Canon characters welcome, OCs loved, bring on some crossovers. Let's play fast and loose with the canon, it's been decades.
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it's halloween! let's summon satan. [04 Oct 2022|05:33pm]
lost souls who find themselves by a crossroad at midnight. rich artifact collectors and museum curators with a little too much curiosity in their veins. a demon hunter who gets in way over his head. thrillseeking submissives who aren't thinking with their head. a bookish, lonely, middle-aged crossdresser who might enjoy being spirited away into servitude. desperate folks who need a wish granted no matter the cost. aging daddy's boys who want to be doted on like they used to be. witchers.
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[04 Oct 2022|08:57pm]
9-1-1 is back and I'm itching for an Eddie to write against my Buck.
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