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[25 Mar 2023|03:16pm]

I aim to write captivating romances with characters we can explore organically as we go along. Although, I will admit some planning is good, especially if the characters have a past. I want lots of fluffy moments, but smutty vulgar scenes really interest me as well. let’s keep things interesting with conflict from the world they live in. npcs would be great to come in and cause drama, anytime the couple seems too comfortable. I do not want a happily ever after, but I do want them to find sanctuary in each other between storms. slice of life always keeps my attention longer than supernatural because it is easy to jump in and out of their head space in my day-to-day life.

slash/het — exclusively writes males

Friends to lovers. Enemies to Lovers. Best friend’s lover. Best friend’s ex. Innocent cohabitation turned friends with benefits. secret identities. Work adversaries. Opposites attract. Forbidden love. Best friend’s sibling. Second chances. Soul mates. A fake relationship turned real. Holiday fling. Fish out of water. Step siblings. love triangles. Cheating. Undercover love. Reality TV show. Vegas/drunk marriage. Stranded. Age gap. Return to hometown/reunion romance. All grown up. Playboy/rake in love. Men in uniform.

eastern time zone — works 6am - 2:30pm — days off tue/wed

[25 Mar 2023|02:08pm]
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[24 Mar 2023|10:32am]
looking for darker lines that have a good mix of plot. looking for anything involving: noncon or dubcon, arranged marriages and power struggles, horror based lines, abusive/toxic relationships, incestuous dynamics, manipulation, stalker, grooming, obsessive dynamics, addiction, organized crime, stockholm syndrome, blackmailing, and anything in that realm. open to modern, period, fantasy (including got or other book settings), supernatural, or survival scenarios. looking for the aggressor or for push/pull on both sides depending on the theme.
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[19 Mar 2023|01:44pm]
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[info]vanityvalleymod [19 Mar 2023|09:42am]

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[19 Mar 2023|06:25am]
hoping to find a long term slash line where we can actually write and there's no ghosting, please i beg of you!

the pairings i'm looking for the most are:

joe jonas/zayn malik
any of the guys of vanderpump rules against another guy (especially with all the drama going on right now)
harry styles/one of the old cocky boy models (jake bass, max ryder, etc)
ian somerhalder/paul wesley
dylan o'brien/any of his cast-mates from teen wolf
charlie hunnam/theo rossi
harry styles/dylan or brandon lee (pam anderson's kids)
joe jonas/cole whittle (ex band-mate from dnce)
mac culkin/elijah wood (open to other face ideas)
ryan phillippe/chris pratt
mikey way/frank iero
bert mccracken/gerard way
justin bieber/jaden smith
miles/zachary quinto
jude law/hayden christensen
jason momoa/lenny kravitz
chace crawford/ed westwick
thomas doherty/evan mock
lucky blue smith/dylan or brandon lee
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what i'm looking for [16 Mar 2023|05:09pm]
I'm looking for a slash line where you'd be playing a musician (vocalist) and my guy would be the merch guy. They've been best friends since diapers and have hooked up in the past, but your guy kind of sleeps around and doesn't know what my guys real feelings are. That's the basic idea of what I had, I'm open to any faces for your guy.
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looking for people who slash [15 Mar 2023|05:41pm]
harry styles ***
zayn malik
justin bieber
brendon urie
pete wentz
chris evans
jason momoa
zachary quinto
luke hemmings
charlie carver
issac powell
cody fern
any past and present queens from drag race
chris pratt
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[15 Mar 2023|08:49pm]



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[15 Mar 2023|09:18am]

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[info]phoenixcovemod [13 Mar 2023|12:16am]

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[info]dragoncorp [12 Mar 2023|04:09am]

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