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[24 Feb 2024|12:10am]

Jungkook, Hyunjin, or Jimin for a celeb psl?
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[23 Feb 2024|07:20pm]

Looking for a Spider-man/Deadpool line. Details to be discussed, but angst and plot with smut would be ideal. All comments screened.
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[20 Feb 2024|09:55am]

Oh Blitzy~~~ your presence is desired...
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[18 Feb 2024|10:37pm]

Seeking both a het and a slash version: a happily married man is given permission by his partner to explore sex with other people in his partner's absence. Looking for a more kink heavy/friendly sort of line and would like lines that finish at least one scene. Journals only. Comment here or the screened if interested!
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[17 Feb 2024|04:33pm]

Lines I'm Looking To Fill )
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tw taboo [17 Feb 2024|04:10pm]
Looking for het or slash that's heavy on the taboo kinks like incest, watersports, fisting, faux preg, cnc, dub con, etc. Leave a comment in the journal if interested.

[15 Feb 2024|12:17pm]
[info]nightbrook come join us for some supernatural storytelling in this sandbox style gpsl!
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check the journal [12 Feb 2024|02:04pm]
screened post for anyone interested :)
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[12 Feb 2024|02:18pm]

Valentines is days away so I'd love something cute fun and even smutty for my character here!

(Info on him here )

This is the perfect time to release that inner fluff we keep hidden most the year!

Smut preferred. Not picky on faces

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check the journal [12 Feb 2024|05:43am]
looking for some small lines
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[11 Feb 2024|06:06pm]

still looking for a Travis, but I’m open to other males as well! There is a screened post in here :)
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[11 Feb 2024|01:19am]

customs for this guy?
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[08 Feb 2024|09:22pm]

any of the skz but i have specific ideas for bang chan and felix
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[06 Feb 2024|08:40pm]

looking for a few slash lines for this 43 year old Irish non-fiction author, prefer writing against somewhere mid 20s-early 30s characters. He travels for work so these could be past, present, or future lines. Also possibly looking for a home if convinced. I have more ideas for potential plots, but his bio is open, so feel free to dig into it if interested. comments screened here and in my ooc.
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[05 Feb 2024|09:21pm]

any carlos writers left out there wanna do something?
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[04 Feb 2024|10:36pm]

Slash scenes and customs for Jason Kelce?
I'd love to find a kinky top for the big bear.
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[04 Feb 2024|05:45am]

anyone chance i can get huddy, jaden or vinnie for landon barker? pb or celeb!
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[01 Feb 2024|05:09pm]

will someone play zachary quinto for me? i dont mind if you've played him before or not
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[01 Feb 2024|02:35pm]

I'd say I'm late to the party but is it even a party until he gets there?

Slash lines for Steve Harrington? Playing all the eras, from rich jerk to action hero and all the babysitter and babygirl in between.

Order of preference: Eddie, Billy, Jonathan, others (aged up), crossovers/OCs. Open to AU, whatever you've got.
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[31 Jan 2024|08:21am]

looking for tops to entertain an eager cumdump. please, hit up the ad in the journal if you're feeling smutty.
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