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[02 Feb 2023|11:29pm]

I would love to see Rafael Silva [info]eliteclub for a possible romantic line. Any other 911 or 911 Lone Star people would also be life!!
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[02 Feb 2023|11:08pm]

Plotting/OOC via discord only, in character can be posted on journals or discord. Let me know your discord handle in the comments below, which are screened.

I have an idea for a historical line involving double lives and class disparity. Character A is a respectable professor, but does questionable experiments on dead bodies at night. Character B is a computer (as in the job) at the university, but is making money on the side as a grave robber. They don't know how intertwined their lives are until one day they realize that each knows the secret life the other tries so desperately to hide.

I want Mads Mikkelson as the pb for one of the characters.

Ideally the setting would be in the 1800s, probably during the Regency or Victorian period but I'm open to others. I'm also open to including a fantasy slant in this story or making Character A a necromancer.
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[02 Feb 2023|04:31pm]

looking for something long term for benji madden, open to faces. I also play Joel as well
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[02 Feb 2023|05:49am]
would anyone play bieber, nick or joe jonas, lucky blue smith, harry styles, shawn mendes, thomas doherty, evan mock or zayn malik against dylan or brandon lee (pam and tommy's kids)?
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[01 Feb 2023|12:21pm]

Anyone interested in a celeb psl with Troye? I'm open to suggestions but someone older would be preferable.
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[29 Jan 2023|06:27pm]

An older man for something fun and smutty against this Paul Forman pb? Looking for something long term but laid back.
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[28 Jan 2023|11:31pm]

Looking for a slow burn, character develop-y line between two people who meet in a bereavement support group. It can be a straight forward two sad people meet and bond, or maybe we take it a twisty route where your character is group crashing for whatever reason, or some other melodrama we can create that does ultimately have sweetness beyond the thorns of it. I'm looking for no less than 70/30 ratio on the hopeful happiness/woe. Threading only, and I plan on using Con O'Neill, your face choice is up to you! Comments screened.
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[28 Jan 2023|02:02pm]

would love to dust this guy off. an actor would be fun but open to faces.
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[28 Jan 2023|06:47pm]

Currently looking to fill some specific characters at this gpsl. See this post for details.
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[27 Jan 2023|10:28am]

Trying again after not having much luck for this beloved character of mine.

His name is Rhys (pronounced like Reese). He's a 28 year old transman (ftm).

Abridged version

Long info here. )

Creeping into the Holiday season, I'd love for him to finally find his one and only. Maybe someone at the coffee shop he's flirted with, or at the gym where he works out.

Or I'm shameless on the reunion trope and so maybe it could be the one person my guy had as support in highschool and they lost touch after mine moved. Or a roommate he had to get when rent prices went up just to help with the bills.

I'd love to explore the emotional depth of them finding their happy place in each other. Showing each other affection and attention with my guy coming around to accept it where he's kept people at arms length out of fear of discrimination because it was all he knew for so long. Give me movies under a fuzzy blanket in the livingroom, sweet kisses etc, snowy walks on a trail, hot cocoa. He's a chef so give me cute cooking in the kitchen together.

Would love it to be slash. Open to most kinks (please ask first) and smut friendly. Not picky on faces.
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[27 Jan 2023|11:45am]

[info]alphaseek a beta or alpha to give this omega a hard and angry ride while taking away his control?
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[24 Jan 2023|10:35pm]

I would love to see Rafael Silva [info]eliteclub for a possible romantic line. Any other 911 or 911 Lone Star people would also be life!!
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[24 Jan 2023|12:37am]

comments screened for anyone who wants to rub a cute, round belly.
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[23 Jan 2023|10:59pm]

seeking a bff to love line or a meet cute for this guy at a small, yet active and welcoming ooc friendly gpsl
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[22 Jan 2023|09:23pm]

i miss this guy, so i'd love to find a slash line or two or even a home that is plot/interaction heavy and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community!
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[22 Jan 2023|05:50pm]

[info]burkesville we are an active little SoL game set in rural Kentucky! Come join the fun!
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[22 Jan 2023|01:16pm]

looking for a chris pratt, jason momoa, jake gyllenhaal, chris evans for something long term, involves actually writing please :)
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[22 Jan 2023|12:34pm]

still looking for something long term for dave, open to suggestions
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[21 Jan 2023|07:09pm]

An older man for this college jock to call daddy?
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[20 Jan 2023|11:27pm]

Looking for Rafael Silva to fulfill a FWB and if all goes well, maybe something further down the line for my Ronan Rubinstein over at [info]eliteclub
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