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[14 Apr 2021|06:17am]
anyone down to brainstorm a long term slash line?
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[14 Apr 2021|03:03pm]
One of them is so into himself he died looking at his own reflection and the other one is so dramatic that he got rejected and turned into the "guess I'll die" meme.

Looking for a vapid self-involved himbo (Narcissus) to come to [info]gordianknots with this male version of Echo.

Or anyone for that game, it'll be fun.
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[14 Apr 2021|04:44pm]
i kind of fell off the face of the earth but would anyone be interested in writing against a transman? would love a pb or even a celeb who has followed his work.
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[14 Apr 2021|11:24pm]
i'd reaaaaally love for anthony mackie to come chill with us at [info]mcufam. also chris hemsworth, rdj, ruffalo, mbj and more.

also would love some customs for seb
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