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31st-Jan-2008 02:14 pm
This is my post is for the tutorial basics that uses a theme layer, I will add when needed.

To create an InsaneJournal Theme Layer

Even though I try to create free layouts for myself I tend to want to add everything under the sun, so for this to happen I need a "theme layer" and less often a "user layer" but theme layers are what gives you the extra nice stuff that you have to pay for such as order tag function and the mood to be placed of the left of metadata, which is so often what I like using in my journal.

This short tutorial is hopefully easy to follow but I can't stress enough that to create a theme layer you need to have either a paid or permanent insanejournal account.

This is for creating New Theme Layers.

Don't press any buttons below

1. Start at the Advance Customization area. Under Advanced Options, press Your Layers.
2. Under Your Layers, make sure you are working in the proper journal. So for example:

Work as account:

3. Scroll to the bottom until you see, Create layout-specific layer

Type: Layout:

Under Type, drop down on theme.
Under Layout, drop down on layout theme
Press Create.

4. When page refreshes, find on the list :
Child of layer ####: Name of layout you based theme on.
Ex: Child of layer 3262: Refried Paper


Press Edit.
5. You will see the compile area with name on top and three block of white space. In one area will have:

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "";

Now two things:

a. If you are using a full theme layout provide by me then erase the two line and replace this is where you will put the theme layer I provided.

b. If you using code that is needed for this layer then add a name to: layerinfo "name" = ""; such as :
layerinfo "name" = "scotchbonnet's new layout";

c. Add whatever code you need and hit Save & Compile. At the bottom of the code area you should see similiar:

S2 Compiler Output at Fri Feb 1 05:39:18 2008
Compiled with no errors.

6. Go to Journal Display, press the "Look and Feel" tab and

a. Layout & Language : scroll for your base layer
b. Themes : scroll for the name you you were given or gave to the theme layer.

(Note: you may have to save after Layout and Language then return to scroll for Theme layer.)

c. Save Changes.

7. "Your settings have been saved. View your Journal." That's should be it and go to your journal.

To make your theme layer code viewable by others.

Never give your password to anyone to get help on your layer. I repeat. Never give your password to anyone to get help on your layer.

*Below, don't not actually use any of the buttons below, they are for presentation only.*

1. Go to Your Layers and find the theme layer you wish to show to others, example:

Press the edit button.

2. In the Compile Area, copy and paste:

layerinfo source_viewable = 1;


layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "nameoflayer";

Save and Compile.

3. Now return to Your Layers and find the layer name you just worked on and take the number and post it to the person helping you.

Now, if your giving or they person doesn't know what to do with this shareable number you can:
a. Click on the number instead and give them a link to the layer
b. Go further, and click either on [View source: Raw Source Code | Syntax Highlighted] then give them the direct link to the code in raw or pretty html color coded form.

To post code in journals.

The thing that pissed me off for the longest time was asking/write/copy snippets of code and rewriting properly for journal post. So by accident while conversing with masterslaker, creator of rounded corners of which I am using in this journal about something else, I happen to stumble upon a webpage of his where you can insert code into and it generated a modified code available for post.

Made my life easy.

How easy?

7 steps.

1. Copy or Cut the code you need transforming.
2. Go to HTML-for-LiveJournal Modification Tool
3. Paste your code into the top textarea box.
4. Press Modify HTML
5. The modified code should be visible in the bottom textarea box.
6. Copy or Cut the transformed code.
7. Paste the new code into your post, entry, comment.
8. Volia!

Adding CSS to a Theme Layer

It is easy.
How easy?
If you don't have a layer already created, go here for instructions. Otherwise, go to Advanced Customization and select the layer you wish to modify.

Put the following below the block of text that starts with layerinfo.

The text [standard CSS formatting information goes here.] will be replaced with the CSS you wish to use. Do not change the rest of text.

Next Update: Creating a Style
Next Update: Making your Style viewable

If you have ideas to improve, let me know.
8th-May-2009 01:20 pm (UTC)
Right, so I have header that I'd love to incorporate into a layout. Would you pleasepleaseplease be willing to design a layout around said header? It's for a game a friend and I are starting, and we'd need a layout for the OOC comm as well as the game. I already have the headers we'd like to use. ^_^
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