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Hello, this is scotchsour. If you are visiting here you will be invited to my icons, perfecting my ray vecchio theme, other mood themes artwork, little codes or css layouts for LJ, GJ or IJ and efiction archive. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.
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7th-Dec-2007 10:15 am - Efiction Mod: Adding Logo to RSS
Efiction Mod: Adding image and link (Logo) to your efiction feed.

I'm just adding it here because I tend to forget. Thought somebody might want it.
Here is my RSS feed with logo.

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7th-Dec-2007 08:39 am - Efiction Mod: Country of Origin with Flags
I don't really consider this my mod since I just created it from the Hogwarts Hat mod. However I like the fact I wrote it. :) I didn't implement all the flags just the ones I wanted and so here it is:


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6th-Dec-2007 06:40 pm - Efiction Mod: Adding Favicon
Go to the Header.php and find

Add this after in a new line:

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