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September 17th, 2009
11:20 pm


Blimey! Vampires by Wood?

How cute is that Wally Wood art? With just a tweak and a nudge, he could swing from humor to science fiction to horror, and yet still have that instantly recognizable Woodness. This sample is from MAD# 3, February 1953. I love the trail of footsteps click-clicking behind Godiva like footprints. Can you tell Wood worked with Will Eisner on THE SPIRIT? This might be better if they had played up the dialect more; maybe you can't tell from the way the characters are talking but this is supposed to be in England. (Script is by Harvey Kurtzman, natch.)

creator: harvey kurtzman, creator: wally wood

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08:05 pm


Last ,last gasp of Horror week...
70's Blade says...

...and yes 70's Blade did attend swinger parties (cause' it was London in the 70's)

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09:52 am


Last Gasp from Horror week...
This was a Lilith post I wanted to put up for Horror week but My scanner went down. Then the issue got buried under leather and I found it again this morning.

It's just never a good idea to knock up Dracula's daughter!

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