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May 6th, 2009
10:14 am


The Fucked-Up Love Life of Scott Summers: Jean Grey
So last time, Scott feel in love with a woman because she looked like Jean Grey, his dead girlfriend. I know, I know, but they kinda pulled it off. Then someone had the bright idea of reuniting the original X-Men into a new team called X-Factor. Of course, Jean was at present dead, so some hasty retconning revealed that it had actually been a clone of her, bringing Jean back to life at the small cost of invalidating a classic X-Men story.

And, of course, Scott was with Madeline. Married. With a baby son. Not the kind of a thing you can just sweep under the rug, but damn if they didn't give it the ol' college try.

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April 22nd, 2009
09:11 am


The Incredibly Fucked-Up Love Life Of Scott Summers: Madeline Pryor
Catchy title, no? It was either this or The Incredibly Fucked-Up Love Life Of Matt Murdock, and if you think I'm documenting Daredevil's sex life then you've got another thing coming.

So you probably know the background. Scott Summers and Jean Grey were the obligatory Silver Age couple with tons of UST but some handicap or angst that kept them from getting together, like Matt Murdock and Karen Page or Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (man, these Silver Age romances do not end well). When Chris Claremont restarted the X-Men, he kept the two and actually got them together. Then came the Dark Phoenix Saga, in which Jean (or... was she?) died (or... did she?) to keep from eating any more planets. But, all told, it was a pretty healthy relationship.

Scott, naturally, was heartbroken and there followed several issues of him working on a shrimpboat, romancing a captain named Lee Forester (a GIRL captain, before you ask), and getting stranded on a deserted island in his skivvies to foil a plot by Magneto to start nuclear war. You know, the usual five stages of grief.

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