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October 17th, 2009
04:47 pm


GirlGenius fanart and some Robert Crumb
This is my very first post here, so please be gentle with me. I made an image using the characters from Girl Genius.

For greater legality, three pages from Mystic Funnies No. 2:

Despite all byte crunching, the images are still 335 KB in toto.

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August 16th, 2009
12:55 pm


Positive Comics Week: Stanley and his Monster
Happy Positive Comics Week! Today, I thought I'd share some scans from the brilliant Stanley and his Monster four-issue-miniseries from 1994, written and drawn by our old friend Phil Foglio.

Stanley and his Monster was originally a comic from the mid-1960s, not totally unlike a very early Calvin and Hobbes (though whether Bill Watterson ever read the comic or if the similarities are just a coincidence, I have no idea), in which an over-imaginative young boy -- the titular Stanley -- meets and befriends a big, shaggy (and pink!) monster. He keeps the monster as a "secret pet," and they get into all sorts of weird and wacky misadventures.

Foglio's revamp sets the story in the DC/Vertigo universe, and the monster is now revealed to be a demon who was kicked out of Hell for being too nice. Hey, it could happen.

Kids, monsters, demons, John Constantine-lookalikes and the Phantom Stranger under the cut )

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August 10th, 2009
11:50 am


That's not how it went.
Girl Genius' eighth book, Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones, won a Hugo Award in the brand shiny new category of "Best Graphic Story". Huzzah! So, to celebrate, 18 of my favorite pages out of the approx. 126 pages of main story that'll be in that volume.

Since it is the eighth book, there are spoilers of course, and apologies to the dialuppers.


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June 8th, 2009
09:13 pm


In which the subject at hand tells someone his name.

NB: Been commenting here for a while under my LJ account, arrlaari.

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May 19th, 2009
01:30 pm


A smattering of Phil Foglio covers
Short but not really backstory:

I've been stumbling upon copies of Dragon Magazine, a roleplaying magazine that was still published until relatively recently, at the local flea market / car boot sale / swap meet type place. I saw that a few issues had Phil Foglio covers, which amused the hell outta me, but I didn't buy them because I'm not a tabletop roleplayer, and I wouldn't understand half the stuff written in them. Still.

I stumbled upon a copy of the Dragon Magazine Archive two weeks ago at that same flea market. So I bought it. It's a now-out of print, five CD compilation that contains the first 250 issues of the book in PDF format (all legal!) and so I started to browse the books. They're interesting and have definitely improved my vocabulary, if you can believe that! And then I remembered the Foglio covers...

So I dug around them and scanned (er... extracted? copied? Buh) them! The books themselves have had regular funny strip features in the Dragonmirth section, and they also had a What's New With Phil and Dixie comic strip for several years. I may go back and post some stuff from them in the future, but for now, here's some Foglio stuff.

Because we can never have enough Foglio art.



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March 11th, 2009
12:08 pm


Why You Should All Be Reading Girl Genius
Oh, sure, there's madness and science and fanservice and everything.

But there's also good writing and characterization )

Oh my god, I laughed for four whole minutes.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; by the way, I have utter failed to tag this post in any way, because I cannot get the hang of this tag system right now.

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