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July 20th, 2009
01:18 am


The Many Faces of Barbara Minerva, part 7 (Leopard Print Pants)
Well, here we are, after admittedly quite a hiatus, with the final repost of my Cheetah series. This overlaps the prior Pfeifer chapter a lot in terms of publish dates, and actually all falls before the Salvation Run stuff as far as the in-universe timeline goes, but chronologically and thematically it's more recent, it's essentially consistent with the most recent Cheetah, and being the take in JLA, it's probably the one that's going to stick with the average fan for a good while regardless of anything Gail might yet do in the Wondy title, so "current" it remains.

Which is depressing, but more in a mildly melancholy way than the frustrating VU stuff or the outright stupid Pfeifer Cheetah. Because while this Cheetah is still clearly of that same ilk, she's at least got some nuance to her beyond the mindless cardboard sociopath, and a bit of a suggestion of what she once was.

I have no further chapters to promo the way I usually do after the cut, but dedicated Cheetah fans, if there are any left after this tremendous fall from grace, may be interested in checking out the current Grand Unified Theory of Cheetahs, which achieves the extraordinary by reconciling all seven chapters of this series into a single coherent character arc by dint of massive unsupportable fanwank.

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April 15th, 2009
04:55 pm


Not the best examples of Superhero Behavior
.... or, "You all can blame [info]icon_uk for this post."

A long, long time ago, I started The Things Billy Kaplan Is Not Allowed to do as a Young Avenger. It was, much later, reposted on old S_D, and proved mildly amusing to some at least.

What most don't know is that I did two other such lists: Things Anole is Not Allowed to do at Xaviers and Things Decibel is Not Allowed to Do as a New Warrior.

Neither were quite as popular, but I felt like pimping sharing. And it gives me a good excuse to post the scan below the cut.

Edit: Dumb Question: How should we tag Iron Lad?

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