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August 29th, 2009
05:33 am


In Case You Didn't Know: Colleen and Misty are Awesome
It being Martial Arts Week, and all, it seems like an excellent time to finally post a story rather dear to my heart called "Daughters of the Dragon*" first published in Marvel's DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU magazine back in 1976.

If you're not familiar with DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU, I'll let Wiki explain it, because the editor's use of scare quotes is hilarious:

This magazine was published in the early 1970s amidst the "Kung Fu" or "Chopsocky" movie craze. Bruce Lee movies were scoring huge box-office grosses, and the Kung-Fu television series was being watched by millions. Billy Jack the half-Indian, Green Beret martial arts hero was making his appearance, and people were "shaking their booty" to Carl Douglas's hit "Kung Fu Fighting". Kung-Fu was on many people's lips and the Deadly Hands of Kung Fu was there to capitalize on it. [...] Each issue had various comic stories from the above mentioned characters, both single issues stories and multi-issue arcs. Most of the issues had some kind of martial arts movie review from a recently released film. Other issues had interviews with authentic Martial arts instructors, while others had interviews with movie or television celebrities related to martial arts.

Add Women By Claremont to the mix, and sounds like fun, don't it?

* The first one, that is. Not to be confused with the second one printed later in BIZARRE ADVENTURES and subtitled "Safe Streets." Or the mini that preceded v2 HfH. The title seems to pop up a lot where these two are concerned.

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August 24th, 2009
10:54 am


Misty Knight , a girl you can count on...
For Martial arts week ...

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