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August 5th, 2009
10:05 am
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My Golden Age Wonder Woman posts are finished!
That's right, yesterday's was the last of 'em. Now, for other GA WW enthusiasts, I posted scans from every issue in the first four volumes of the Archive Editions, plus from the 70's collection with the intro by Gloria Steinem. So if anyone wants to pick up where I left off by buying volume five or later, feel free because I'm done.

For legality, here's something I found on the web last weekend. If it's been posted here before, I wasn't able to find it. There's been discussion here lately about whether the Amazons were lesbians, so when I found this I had to share it.

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July 19th, 2009
11:44 pm


Supplementary Tomorrow Woman post
Aside from what I've shown of Tomorrow Woman in my previous (not so mega) mega post


She's made two more cameo appearances that I hadn't included in my original post, one most people might have seen since it was in 52 but another that was in a much less known little story

Just a little going away post for SD since I'm going on vacation to visit my family in Greece for a month tomorrow afternoon.. Nothing like Tomorrow.

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June 16th, 2009
07:33 am


Maxima, I need you!
I owe my flatmate one, so I want to try and blow up/paint a large pop art acrylic image of Maxima on some canvas (He really likes Maxima and tells me that he's been waiting for years for her to come back whenever I bitch about Ted Kord's demise).

Anyway, I can't find any substantial (or very striking) images of Maxima on google images to work from, or even any comics on ebay that seem to feature her.

So, can anyone help me out? Cover art would probably work best, but I have no idea how much she featured on covers back in the day.


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