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July 26th, 2009
05:40 pm


The Saga of Itty
I posted it over at the place I post stuff and I was told I "NEED" to post it for the world to see, and so I shall! The wonder of Itty should be given to the world, after all.

Dial-up warning: this post is epic big. Like, 40 images or something over about two decades, so proceed with caution if bandwidth is tiny; I've so been there.

So, what's in all this epic-ness? Cuteness! Tentacles! Alien sex! Hal intentionally crashing into a tree! Homoerotic tension with Ollie! Homoerotic tension with Barry! Hal in chains! Hal as a giant! It's all here, and more, in the more-or-less complete story of Hal's little buddy Itty. What is Itty, do you ask? He's one of the Ayries. They look like this:

It takes him about those twenty years to actually have lines, which does not stop him from being amazingly helpful. And adorable.

I really like the character and all, but I don't feel that big need to see him pop back up again. Would that be super-neat? Oh sure. But sometimes, the end is just so good that it leaves you with just that right feeling of closure.

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