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September 20th, 2009
10:34 pm


Spoiler Policy Reminder
Hi all, a quick reminder of our spoiler policy: "Spoilers. Generally speaking, information that gives away the plot or the "fun stuff" about a story. Practically speaking, everybody has slightly different definitions of what spoils a story for them, so here's our policy: all inside content of a comic two months old or younger is a spoiler. All solicitation information is spoilery. However, comics covers are not spoilers."

So please remember that when discussing the events of a current issue, solicitation, or preview, keep spoilery info (ex.: "When we last left the Justice League, they were in the clutches of Egg Fu's Matter Eater Ray when Jean Grey came back from the dead to save them!") behind a cut. Thanks!

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July 12th, 2009
01:19 pm


Wednesday Comics mod post / Requests!
Posting guidelines for Wednesday Comics

[info]kingrockwell asked, so for everybody: You can post up to 1/3 of an issue, and up to 1/3 of each ongoing story. This is to prevent someone posting the entire Wonder Woman run in one shot, after Wednesday comics has finished its run. This breaks down to five strips from each issue, and only four from each strip.


Time once again for you to pester your fellow SDers with requests.

Once a month we will have a requests post where members can ask for certain scans to be posted. Other members seeking inspiration can look through the requests and fulfill someone's dream. Posting a request is no guarantee of its being filled, but request posts will be archived so that members can look through comments from previous months and answer them if they so desire.

The most recent request post will be linked to in the community's profile.

So Scans Daily, what do you want?

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July 8th, 2009
06:18 pm


Posting guidelines
We've updated the community's posting guidelines to help our newer members find important info faster. Oldbies don't worry, the substance of the rules hasn't changed. We've just moved things around, added more FAQs, and text boxes with the HTML for posting images, using lj-cuts, and spoiler/blackout text. Those of you who are struggling with your codes can now C&P them straight from the profile.

Profile | FAQ | Memories | Tags | Suggestions | Requests

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June 14th, 2009
06:14 pm


Tutorial: Tagging Scans Daily posts the right way
Curious? )


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June 13th, 2009
04:28 pm


Scans Daily Resource Exchange
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks to [info]icon_uk 's One Perfect Moment theme, SD 2.0 has seen its busiest week yet, with +200 posts, and 51 posts on Tuesday alone! (So far. There's still time to get your OPM posts in - post people, post!) Round of applause for [info]icon_uk , everybody.

One Perfect Moment brought a bunch of new (and nearly new) posters out of the woodwork, so I thought now would be a good time to do a resource exchange. Veteran SDers! Here's your chance to share all your hard-earned scanning, posting and general Scans Daily knowledge. *points to soapbox* Climb up.
  • What image hosts do you recommend?
  • Which ones should we stay away from?
  • What hosts are good for adult content?
  • Any scanning tips for noobs?
  • Any image editing tips for noobs?
  • What are some good places to find public domain comic scans?
  • What are some good places to find comics on the cheap?
  • What does every noob need to know about Scans Daily?
And, you know, whatever other burning questions SD can come up with.

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May 12th, 2009
05:01 pm


The 1/3 Rule
The Scans Daily modlings have lately been discussing our 1/3 rule. As it stands, the rule is that no more than 1/3 of a story or chapter can be posted on the comm, excepting free, orphaned, public domain, web-published stories, and stories that are 1-2 pages in length. It used to be, back in the halcyon days of Scans Daily 1.0, that we'd allow 1/2 of a volume to be posted. So why did we make the change?

In short, what this means for you as a member making posts:

1) You may only post 1/3 of a story or chapter not of a complete volume.
2) The burden is on you to indicate/prove that the comic you are posting is in the public domain, an orphaned work, or a web-published story if you exceed the 1/3 limit. (If it is a web-published story, please credit and provide links to the source.)
3) Free promotional comics (e.g. comics that publishers released for free for Free Comic Book Day) may also exceed the 1/3 limit, but remember each individual poster may not post more than 4 pages from a recent comic.
4) Stories that are 1-2 pages in length may be posted in full.

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May 2nd, 2009
11:53 am


Free Comic Book Day!
We've been asked how much FCBD stuff is appropriate to post here. The books are free and some of them are being partially/fully made available online by the publishers and creators. So our official modly stance on how much of it we can post is: ALL OF IT BB. Keep to seven pages per poster, in order spread the love around, but we won't be enforcing an upper limit.

But do be mindful that FCBD is a promotional effort to bring new readers into smaller shops, and that's A Good Thing.

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April 27th, 2009
12:33 pm


Two Modly Reminders
We've been getting complaints, fairly regularly, about uncut spoilers, and about posters going over the 1/3 limit. Apparently it's time for a refresher on the posting guidelines.

3. LJ-cuts are required for any post which has more than one image. Because the community is being followed on LJ via a RSS feed, we ask that you use the following code, in place of the usual [lj-cut]: [div class="ljcut" text="this is the text of the cut"] body text [/div]. Replacing [] with <>. This code ensures that images are cut on IJ and LJ friends pages. Remember, unlike with a regular [lj-cut], there is no hyphen in the div cut.

You may use one preview image, maximum size 400x300 pixels, outside of the cut; it must be work-safe and it cannot contain spoilers. If it's from a recent comic, it is not allowed outside of a cut, no matter how spoilery it isn't. Long text or text with spoilers should be behind the cut.

When it comes to spoilers, err on the side of spoilerphobia. Better to cut everything, than make enemies of your fellow members. Similarly, when it comes to NSFW material, caution should be your watchword. Hemming and hawing over the NSFWness of an image? Cut it.

4. No more than one third the length of any single work should be posted on this community. That's 7 pages of a standard American comic, by the by. In regards to anthologies, graphic novels, manga and pamphlets with backup stories, do not exceed 1/3 of the total page count. Exceptions will by made at the discretion of the moderators.

It is your responsibility to check that another user hasn't beaten you to the punch. You can use the tags, and browse the archives to search through past entries. We will be relatively lenient if you accidentally post a few extra pages of a comic that's 30 years old and out of print in any collection, but a comic that's in print will be deleted without warning.

We will love you forever if you're posting more than 7 pages from a comic longer than 22 pages and indicate to us its exact length, so we don't need to bug you about it.

Please, save us the trouble of going through the inevitable "12 pages? How long is the book?" exchange, and just state upfront why your 30-page post is legal. This also ensures that your fellow members aren't wondering why you think you're above the rules, and prepared to bring down the wrath of the Copyright Overlords.

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March 30th, 2009
10:03 pm


Mod Post: lj-cuts
This isn't a rule, but a request. Because the community is being followed on LJ via a RSS feed, we ask that you use the following code, in place of the usual [lj-cut]:

[div class="ljcut" text="this is the text of the cut"] body text [/div]

Replacing [] with <>. This code ensures that images are cut on IJ and LJ friends pages. Remember, unlike with a regular [lj-cut], there is no hyphen in the div cut.

ETA: The RSS feed is located here.

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March 8th, 2009
05:24 pm


Posting limits clarification
Until we're finished rewriting the rules to be as TOS-proof as possible, the current posting limit is 1/3 of a work. That means no complete stories. In regards to anthologies, graphic novels, manga and pamphlets with backup stories, do not exceed 1/3 of the total page count. You can't get around the 1/3 limit by posting bits and pieces of various stories, and likewise, you cannot post more than 1/3 of a story, by arguing that complete, it is less than 1/3 of the total page count of the book in which it is published.

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February 28th, 2009
07:55 pm


[mod post] Hola!
Hey guys. Well, it's been a bit rough, and it's going to be rough for a while yet, but I am so glad that there are so many people here and posting already. I apologize for the delay in pulling together official moderation announcements - the community was already suspended when I woke up, so you can imagine we've been running around a lot behind the scenes trying to pull everything together.

Without further ado:

1) The new rules which we were planning to announce on livejournal, erm, this coming week or thereabouts are now in the community userinfo. There is also an additional FAQ on posting guidelines. No matter how long you've been a member of scans_daily, in whatever capacity, please read both pages carefully, because we're not taking ignorance of the new rules as an excuse from this point forwards.

Because there have been some fairly major changes to the rules along with the obvious server transition, there's a definite possibility of more tweaks in the near future, particularly ones that will protect us from further TOS-ing. We promise to keep you informed.

1a) In particular, please note that we've changed the page limits from half an issue to one third of an issue - that's down from 11 to 7 pages of an average issue, 5 pages for recent comics. (Yeah, yeah, still arbitrary, but possibly more amenable to TPTB.) Check the new rules for more detail. If you've posted here at Insanejournal, we would appreciate it if you'd bring your post in line with the new regs.

2) Just to make sure everyone's clear on this, the mods of this insanejournal comm are myself and [info]schmevil. stubbleupdate has decided to concentrate on noscans_daily, the LJ discussion comm, where you will be seeing me and I believe schmevil as well. So don't bother Stubble about things that happen here ;).

3) Kathleen David has informed me that she and Peter David have been getting a lot of nasty e-mails from s_d members about all this drama. (The account through which PAD originally posted on lj is actually hers.) Look, I know losing the livejournal community was hard - listen, my five year community anniversary just passed, so you certainly don't need to tell me how much this community means to people. Which in turn warms the cockles of my cynical heart, by the way. Even so, there's a lot of blame to be apportioned around to many different people (I don't exclude myself, frankly), and I personally doubt that PAD intended to nuke the entire comm when he made his complaints. There's a lot of scrutiny on us right now and I would appreciate it if you all would remember that what s_d members say at the moment reflects on all of us. Also, making asses of ourselves is totally against the community ethos, etc.

4) Insanejournal comms have a 1000 member cap, so this will not be our permanent home in all likelihood, but we'll try and make it a damn nice hotel. Sounds good? Sounds good.

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February 28th, 2008
07:12 pm


Or, how to create the perfect post.
This is an FAQ post which goes in a pair with our soon-to-be-updated userinfo. Even if you've made posts to either version of scans_daily before, take a moment to read it, because these are part of our new posting guidelines. And stay tuned for another modpost, in, well, as fast as I can write it.

Much thanks to the redoubtable stubbleupdate as well as [info]schmevil for authoring much of this content.

Step 1 – The post.

Make sure that somebody else hasn’t already posted what you’re planning on posting. It is quite rude to post something that another poster has already got on the community. It splits discussion over different posts, making it difficult to follow. If you do this, the mods will comment with a picture of Bill Murray.

Step 2 - The format.

This is just a guideline, and not a rule. But it makes life so much easier for members seeking out scans of characters or comics they like or are interested in reading more about, so please included whatever information you can.

Title - Include comic title and issue number, if you know them.
Body of message - Use a cut tag as required; some people are still on dial-up - yes, even in 2009. If you'd like to include page numbers, that'd be cool too.
Tags - They take two seconds to add and will make your post much, much easier to find for interested parties. All users can add tags to a post. Be aware that if you add a tag that doesn’t exist, none of the tags will show up.

Step 3 – The scans.

The ideal size of scans is about 800-900 pixels wide. If scans are much larger than that, use thumbnails. If scans are much smaller than that, be prepared for people to say “I can’t read that.”

If you are using your own scanner, cropping the borders, other pages, or your hand off the image makes them look more professional. Taking photos of pages rarely produces good quality results.

Only direct link to images on your own web space. If you'd like to point out scans on someone else's webspace to the group, please use a text link. (Note that a text link does not count as a scan, and scans are required to post.) Imageshack is a good place to host pictures. If you are hosting on imageshack, make sure that you use their advanced hosting (at the very, very bottom of the page where you retrieve the code for your image) and insert that into an <img src = “”> tag.

Step 4 – The content.

Lots of scans without much commentary can be difficult to understand. Lots of text with a contractually obligated scan at the end is dull. Your post should strike a balance between the two. Explain what you’re posting. Say what’s going on, so that the reader understands a bit about what’s being shown. Say why you like it. These all help to make for interesting and thoughtful discussions on scans_daily.

Be prepared to justify your opinions, whether you think something is better than sliced bread (Ex Machina #1) or as pleasant as shaking hands with your dad’s proctologist (Batman: Fortunate Son). Yours is not the only opinion on scans_daily. Be prepared for disagreement and respond to it civilly.

NB. Keep off topic posts to a minimum. In this community, on topic means scans. Interviews, videos, fanart, essays, self-promotion, news and other miscellany are welcome, so long as they come in the context of a larger, scans-focused posts. Keep in mind that this is not a general comics discussion community - it's a scans community.

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