March 2016

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February 9th, 2016

[info]baneofpaley in [info]rockthatmeme

It's your turn!

Have a meme idea you want to try out but don't see? Post it! "But I'm so bad at coding" you say. "But I don't know how to get all the images sizes right" you claim. "But I've never posted a meme before" you scream, forlorn, into the sky. Calm down, we got you, no need for that.

How to Post:
  1. Join the community with whatever journal you want to post from. Don't worry, it's open membership so you're not waiting on us!
  2. Copy the code in the text box below.
  3. Put your picture/gif where it says 'IMGURLGOESHERE'. Don't worry, it auto resizes.
  4. Where it says 'NAME OF MEME', put in the name of your meme.
  5. And where it says 'PREMISE OF THE MEME GOES HERE' put the premise. See? Easy!
  6. There's a place for you to put all of your prompts. Your meme doesn't have prompts? Delete it! YOU CAN DO IT. YOU HAVE THE POWER!
  7. If you have any trouble, PM me on this journal or comment here and we'll help you out.
  8. We just ask that you link to the original source or meme if you're copying a meme from somewhere else.