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August 21st, 2009


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So I recently bought "The Essential Michael Jackson" on itunes because it was ridiculous that I didn't have a single song by him on my ipod. I was never a huge fan of Michael Jackson (musically speaking I mean). I never had anything against him, I was just never really crazy into his music. I think I was born at the wrong time, since when Thriller was released I didn't even exist yet. Anyway, I think it's safe to say that before today I never once listened to the song "Ben" in my life. But today I listened to it and it was familiar and I realized, "Hey! That's what Michael sings to Ben!" And then I paid attention to the rest of the lyrics and *meep* they're so perfect!

Lyrics under the cut )

Now I need to add "Ben" to my QAF mix, but I need to label it with an episode number (because I'm OCD like that). So which episode is it where Michael sings to Ben to try to win him over?

April 22nd, 2009

Free QAF CD!

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I came in 2nd place in the Asylum Insanity Trivia Contest and one of my amazing prizes was a CD of music from QAF. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again to the contest creators and prize providers!

But here's the thing... I love the music from the show like whoa, so I've been collecting it from itunes and friends and borrowed CDs for awhile now... so I already have all of the songs on this wonderful CD! And it should not go to waste!

Awesome Track List )

If you want this lovely little piece of fandom insanity to come flying from my hands to yours, just leave a comment here. I'll give this post 48 hours and then write down all the names and pull one out of a hat to decide who gets the CD. Don't leave your real name or address in your comment; I'll get that info from you later! [Sidenote: I'm stealing this method of free gift allocation from Xie, from whom I once got a bottle of vanilla scented perfume that I ended up giving to my mom for Christmas!]

March 13th, 2009

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Whooooooo Asylum Insanity!!!! Is everyone having fun hunting down the trivia answers? I am!!!

If anyone is having a hard time with the qaf_music ones, I could pretty easily be persuaded to offer up some more hints ;) Just say pretty please with Justin on top. You shouldn't be having any problems with this one though...

14. What is your favorite song used on QAF? There are no wrong answers to this one! Come HERE and share your pick!

You know you want to. Everyone's doing it. And I'm having a fantastic time listening to each person's pick while reading about why they love it :)

February 26th, 2009

Asylum Insanity Trivia Game Question #14

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Welcome to [info]qaf_music!

Having fun with the Asylum Insanity Trivia Game? :) :) :) Whoo fandom!!!

Question: What is your favorite song used on QAF?
Answer: There are no wrong answers to this one! Leave a comment here to share your pick!
* So what is YOUR favorite song?
* Which episode/scene is it from?
* Why is it your favorite? Because of the song itself (the sound quality, the artist, etc.)? Because of the context (because it's from futon!sex duh)?
* Do you have that song on your QAF playlist?

Posted on behalf of [info]pendulumchanges.

February 23rd, 2009

one of my favorite QAF moments

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Definitely one of my favorite QAF moments. The right decision. The communication. The understanding. The commitment. Teh Love. The song! It's "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon and it's a recent addition to my QAF playlist. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and happy for Michael and Ben. This is Ben and Michael's theme song for me.

Do you have a different Ben & Michael theme song? How about a Ted theme song? Ted & George? Ted & Em? Em & Drew? Debbie & Carl? Mel & Lindsay? Brian & Justin? ♥ ♥ ♥

I should have posted this on Valentine's Day... oh well :P

♥ HAPPY belated VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! ♥

February 10th, 2009


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Now that may be one of the weirdest QaF music encounters I've ever had: "Forever Young" cropping up at the end of episode 303 of Big Love. I mean it's a good show, but... just... no.

February 3rd, 2009

Poll: Soundtrack to Five "Firsts"

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This is the poll I was working on when Princess of Babylon temporarily went down, and I was too traumatized to go on.

Now that it's back, let's party!

Xie's poll about first times and the songs that go with them... )

January 21st, 2009

The Out for Equality Inaugural Ball!

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Three count 'em THREE QAF musical tie-ins at the Out for Equality Inaugural Ball last night!

Rufus Wainwright, who is gay gay gay himself, sings "Poses" in the S2 scene where Brian doesn't buy the roses:

“I’m so tired of Rick Warren,” Rufus Wainwright sang, tweaking the lyrics to his anthem “Going to a Town.” (”I’m so tired of you, America.”) “I’m so tired of California,” he sang, earning a smattering of “woos” at the Human Rights Campaign’s Out for Equality ball at the Mayflower Hotel on Tuesday night.

Then there was Miss Cyndi Lauper!

But the crowd was far more effusive when Mr. Wainwright brought out another performer, Cyndi Lauper. For one duet, she climbed up on the piano like an old-fashioned chanteuse, albeit one in leather pants.

And last, Rich Morel, who sings the song "True (The Faggot is You)" from the pilot and like Rufus has teh gay, joined Cyndi, Rufus, and everyone else:

Ms. Lauper certainly didn’t disappoint. In her set, which came before that of the headliner, Melissa Etheridge, Ms. Lauper brought out Mr. Wainwright and other performers, including the soul singer Thelma Houston, to belt out a raucous dance version of her signature number, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” .... She was barefoot and backed by Rich Morel on keyboard, and there was a Barack and Michelle chant in place of one of the choruses. It briefly brought the house down, and then everybody went back to dancing.

Full story here!

Poll: Season Openers

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Having polled on your feelings about the season finale songs, now I want to see how you feel about the songs that got it all started... the season opener songs!

January 19th, 2009

Poll: Season Finales

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I was thinking about the incredible impact of the music in the 122 final scene the other day, and it has inspired me to poll.

Season Finale Music Poll )

Please also comment below if you feel there are any other songs used earlier in each of the season finales that have a huge dramatic impact on the episode. There is a complete list of the songs on the wonderful website of the Princess of Babylon if you've forgotten what song is in which episode.

And please stick to the season finales for this discussion... we'll get to other episodes later! Plans: I haz 'em!

January 12th, 2009

Songs to write fic by...

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I always play music that puts me in the right "feel" for whatever I'm writing. This is the playlist I wrote the last two chapters of "Directions" to.

I don't write "song fic," so the lyrics aren't necessarily closely tied to what the story is about. It's more about how the songs make me FEEL.

Lots of QAF here, which is really not always the case when I write fic!

December 16th, 2008


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I was just watching the third episode of the third season of The West Wing and the music sounded verrrrrrry familiar ;)

It was "Evolution Revolution Love" and it's from the scene in 218 when Justin returns from Vermont.

I love when songs I know from QAF pop up in the most unexpected places :)

December 7th, 2008

Life is a game, and true love is a trophy...

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So, the other day I was listening to the song "Poses" by Rufus Wainwright. This is the song that plays when Brian doesn't buy the roses in Season Two. And it got me thinking...

Always a dangerous thing... )

December 3rd, 2008

Vanishing layout?

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I was about to make a post here, and ummmm... where is the layout for this asylum?

September 24th, 2008


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The QAF version of the music lyric meme making the rounds :)

I'm not sure of the exact way it's supposed to work, so this is me winging it. I randomly picked 10 songs from my QAF mix and put the first line of each one below. Answers (with pictures!) are below the cut.

1. well if I needed you would you come to me
2. reach out and touch faith
3. so ambition cuts you down ain't a love as perfect
4. I feel so extraordinary something's got a hold on me
5. don't tell me to stop tell the rain not to drop
6. ég er kominn aftur inn í þig það er svo gott að vera (hér) en stoppa stutt við
7. I'm gonna give you love got to have you
8. don't got a lot of time don't give a damn
9. you can dance every dance with the guy who gives you the eye *SQUEE!*
10. I can't fight this feeling any longer and yet I'm still afraid to let it flow

Answers this way! )

September 7th, 2008

But Don't Forget Who's Taking You Home

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I was studying at starbucks....because I need a certain level of background noise in order to study and I'm fantastic at then blocking every bit of it out...when suddenly the background noise seeped into my consciousness. This is what I heard:

ev'ry dance with the guy who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight
You can smile ev'ry smile for the man who held your hand 'neath the pale moonlight
But don't forget who's taking you home and in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin', save the last dance for me, mmmm

Oh, I know that the music's fine like sparkling wine go and have your fun
Laugh and sing but while we're apart don't give your heart to anyone
But don't forget who's taking you home and in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin', save the last dance for me, mmmm

Baby don't you know I love you so
Can't you feel it when we touch
I will never never let you go
I love you oh so much

You can dance go and carry on till the night is gone and it's time to go
If he asks if you're all alone can he take you home you must tell him no
'Cause don't forget who's taking you home and in whose arm's you're gonna be
So darlin save the last dance for me

'Cause don't forget who's taking you home and in whose arm's your gonna be
So darlin save the last dance for me, mmmm
Save the last dance for me, mmmm
Save the last dance for me

What happened to the first 3 words you say? Well that is how long it took my mind to say, OMG SQUEE NY LISTEN TO WHAT IS PLAYING!!

I must say, I had a smile on my face the rest of the time I was studying. I might also have texted my squeeage to another fangirl, because yes, i'm that big of a dork. lol.

July 8th, 2008

*sunshine, I really want to tell you*

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I told Xie and Red that I have a Sunshine playlist last night and they said I should post it here. So, before I forget, I'm doing that.

I'm just going to post the songs and the artists for now. If you want any of the songs, just reply and I'll upload them for you. Gladly...

Oddly, I didn't make this playlist, my daughter did. Just because she likes summer. But when she showed it to me, I went all nuts and she said, "Well, I know how you feel about your Sunshine. And Brian." *loves my Clover*

Sunshine Playlist )

June 30th, 2008

Home - which episode

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The song "Home," first track on the second CD of the Club Babylon soundtrack, from which episode is it? I've tried princessofbabylon.com's songlist, but can't find it.

April 12th, 2008

anita baker.....body and soul

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just some beautiful lyrics that remind me of Brian and Justin........ 

I just love her music. Her voice is amazing to me. You should give her music a try

Body and Soul

What have you done to me
I can't eat, I cannot sleep
And I'm not the same anymore
I don't know what to do
Cause all of me wants all of you
Do I stand alone at the shore?
Now once I coud turn away
From everything I feel today
But, now I want to walk
through your door
But I've got to know - oh
Body and soul
That you've got no doubt
inside and out
We are whole - oh
Body and soul
Don't leave me out in the cold
Just love me body and soul
-do you hear me baby-
I've wasted too much time
Livin' for what wasn't mine
Then came the day I found you
And now I want nothing less
I've found a love that is truly blessed
AND I wanna make dreams come true
But I've got to know - oh
Body and soul
that you've got no doubt,
inside and out
We are whole - oh
Body and soul
Don't leave me out in the cold,
Just love me body and soul
Every day is getting better,
The more I trust I feel
stronger, stronger
Every kiss brings me closer,
It feels good to LET you

(ad lib)
is there any doubt
in your mind?
oh babe,
love me baby
love me
Just love me,
body, baby and soul,
Just love me....
Body... and.....soul


April 8th, 2008


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*squeee!!!* I heard the song "Sleep" by the Dandy Warhols today... and I wasn't the one playing it! It was actually being played in a bar.

You can watch both scenes in which the song was used in this YouTube video.

It was used for the closing scene of episode 102 (which is really the end of the two-part "first" episode) and again for the opening scene of episode 513 (the very last episode). The person who posted the YouTube clips describes this as the "circle" of QAF. The way this song connects these two scenes makes me think of them as bookends for the series.

Fantastic song. Fantastic scenes. Fantastically happy fangirl here :)
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