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December 15th, 2012

Gusmas 2012 [Dec. 15th, 2012|12:33 am]


[Tags|, ]

Title: For All the World
Author: britin1729
Prompt: Smells Like Snow

"And their Thanksgiving is in the wrong month," Brian continued as they climbed from the rental car. He frowned when the ground crunched beneath his three-hundred dollar shoes. "And it even fucking smells like snow."

Justin rolled his eyes and came around the front of the car. "Yes, I know, everything Canadian is all that's wrong with this world. Can we go in now? I'm starving."

And when Gus threw open the door and flew into his father's arms, all of Brian's fabricated issues with the country fled his mind, and his world shrank to the size of his son.
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Gusmas 2012 [Dec. 15th, 2012|12:37 am]


[Tags|, ]

Title: Try and Try Again
Author: britin1729
Prompt: If at first you don't succeed

Brian and Justin sat, waiting, as their friends opened their envelopes. Lindsay gasped. Ted choked, spluttering coffee over the diner table. Emmett thumped him on the back.

Michael spoke first. "You're getting married?!"

"I'm flashing back to four years ago," said Ted.

"Well, if at first you don't succeed..." said Brian.

"I just have one question," Debbie began.

"We understand we never gave a full explanation for calling it off before," said Justin. "But we've talked, and we're sure this is the right time. We're in the same place emotionally, and...."

"No, I meant, which one of you's knocked up?"

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Gusmas 2012 [Dec. 15th, 2012|12:39 am]


[Tags|, ]

Title: Heartbeats
Author: britin1729
Prompt: Jet lag
Timeline: S4, ep 408
Notes: 2 drabbles

He gives you a weak excuse about jet lag, and you don't question it. Tomorrow, you'll call the hospital, and maybe you can start figuring out what this all means and where to go from here.

Tonight, you curl against his chest and breathe him in. He's asleep within minutes, but for a long time, you lie awake and take comfort in the steady pounding of his heart beneath your cheek. Your own heart has dropped somewhere in your stomach, but you take a breath and refuse, no matter what, to allow a world to exist without him in it.

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Gusmas 2012 [Dec. 15th, 2012|01:40 am]


[Tags|, ]

Author: britin1729
Notes: 4 drabbles

Coming Home
Prompt: Bigger, brighter, better

Intelligence is Overrated
Prompt: Fuck the Phone

Title: Love Thy Neighbor
Prompt: On the outside, looking in

Title: Monopoly
Prompt: Losers

Losers )
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