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Vid bunny [Mar. 5th, 2010|12:32 am]

[Tags|, ]

I've been listening an unhealthy amount of times to "The story" by Brandi Carlile.

If someone wants to turn this into a vid any time in the future, you know, I wouldn't be too unhappy about it. ;-)

Lyrics and link behind the cut )

ETA: It's already been made! Thank you, Xie, for the link (see comments), and of course [info]qafmaniac for the wonderful vid.
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B/J figure skating fic [Feb. 26th, 2010|05:03 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood | amused]

Oooooooookay, Bunny begged and here I am. I propose the following plot, which can lead to for-realsies!fic or crack!fic (we all know which I prefer):

Brian and Justin are competing figure skaters who fall in love. Can love and competition mix? Who will get the gold or silver (cuz they have to be #1 and 2)? Who will coach? Who will design their unitards?

People, these questions need answers in the form of fic! Go forth and write.


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Vid Bunny - Ted or Brian [Feb. 9th, 2010|04:54 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |house]
[Current Mood | chipper]

So I was thinking about Ringo Starr and the No No Song and thought - what a great vid that would be for Ted, or even Brian - but we know that Brian does do it still!

The music can be found here:

A video of Ringo with the Smothers Brothers can be found here:

And here are the lyrics:
ARTIST: Ringo Starr
TITLE: The No No Song
Lyrics and Chords

A lady that I know just came from Colombia
She smiled because I did not understand
Then she held out some marijuana, oh ho
She said it was the best in all the land

/ C G F C / F - C - / - - F - / G - C - /

And I said, "No-no-no-no, I don't smoke it no more
I'm tired of waking up on the floor
No thank you please, it only makes me sneeze
Then it makes it hard to find the door"

/ C - - - / - - G7 - / - - - - / - - C - /

A woman that I know just came from Majorca, Spain
She smiled because I did not understand
Then she held out a ten pound bag of cocaine
She said it was the finest in the land

{Refrain with [sniff]}

A man I know just came from Nashville, Tennessee-o
He smiled because I did not understand
Then he held out some moonshine whiskey, oh-ho
He said it was the best in all the land

{Refrain with drink it}

{Refrain with "I can't take it no more"}
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Vid bunny?? [Feb. 7th, 2010|09:42 am]

[Tags|, ]

This is a YouTube link, there is also a link to d/l the song. Wondering if anyone is up for a vid to this song? I think it has, um, potential.

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Snow fun [Feb. 6th, 2010|08:30 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Since I have big snow on my mind tonight I had an idea for a short ficlet.

I want to read something where Brian & Justin get snowed in at Britin and Justin somehow convinces Brian to go outside with him. Not an easy task since I doubt Brian enjoys the cold or wetness of snow. Then Justin starts a snowball fight & Brian gets all pissy about it, but ends up enjoying himself after all. Of course them warming each other up afterward would be welcome as well!

Anyone up for it? Bunny, it sounds like you need something to do this evening. ;-)
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~slice of life fic request~ [Feb. 5th, 2010|10:11 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood | hopeful]

I have a's a burning need and it's growing.

Someone please write me a post 513 fic with Justin dancing in a club in NY and then tell me all about how Brian sneaks up behind him and suprises him with a visit.

Pretty please...with sugar on top.
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Challenge Announcement [Jan. 29th, 2010|05:26 pm]



On behalf of [info]xie_xie_xie and [info]happier_bunny, I have the honor of announcing their new challenge over at [info]qaf_scavenger...Ensemble Challenge: They want some gang-fic, some gang-graphics, and some gang-vids, so they're hosting a challenge. Can you blame them? We want it, too, don't we?

1. You must have at LEAST four Queer As Folk characters in your submission.

2. Fics must be a minimum of 500 words (sorry folks, no drabbles this time).

3. No non-canonical pairings.

4. Sign ups are open until January 31, 2010

5. Submissions are due February 28, 2010 at midnight PST (email them to happierbunny @ gmail .com). Please include "ensemble submission" in the subject line.

6. All posts will go up March 1, 2010

7. All submissions MUST be html coded.

8. All graphics MUST be hosted somewhere (i.e. photobucket, etc). Please do not send them as attachments this time. Thanks!

9. Use the following Header for your entry:

Go here to sign-up!

~~~Any questions, ask away and let the sign ups begin. :D

*thanks to [info]qafmaniac for the banner! It's gorgeous, Qaffykins!
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Icon Bunny: Ben and Hunter [Jan. 22nd, 2010|07:13 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

I just watched 311 today where Ben says of Hunter, "We're related by blood." I would love an icon of the two of them on one icon with that quote. I think it is beyond my ability to do this justice. Any one want to give it a try?

Possible caps for icon )
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[Jan. 16th, 2010|10:51 am]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood | hopeful]

So, I had this crazy bunny jump into my head late, late, late last night.

Now, this morning it's expanded a bit.

I'd love a fic where Brian and Justin are alone (for whatever reason, Justin's living in NY, Brian's on a business trip, etc) and one or both of them can't sleep. It could even have some angst. Take it from there...someone...please!
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Drabble Request [Jan. 7th, 2010|03:43 pm]

[Tags|, ]

I think someone should write a drabble set during the S3 break-up. POV of Brian regarding Justin's growing hair. You know that hair killed him.
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Icon Bunny- Happy New Year! [Dec. 31st, 2009|02:27 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

I would love an icon, either still or anim, of Brian popping champagne from the Kinnetik party (ep 406) with the words, "Happy New Year." Maybe jazz the screencap up with other decorations or swirlies. I know it's kind of short notice, but it can always be used for next year! Thanks for reading. :* Oh hey, "congratulations" or "cheers" of the same scene would be awesome too!
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[Dec. 20th, 2009|08:14 am]

[Tags|, ]

I really really think someone, or multiple someones ought to write a fic or drabble inspired by this icon.

In case you have bad eyes it says: "Later, Brian blamed the spiked office party punch. And Justin."
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Jenn Icon? [Dec. 7th, 2009|03:48 pm]

[Tags|, ]

To make a short story long...

[info]vl_redreign wrote awesome Jenn in her awesome Gusmas drabbles (that you so need to check out over at [info]qaf_drabbles. [info]secretsolitaire said in the comments section that Jennifer is totally where Justin got his awesome. And I said that needs to be an icon and Red said that I needed to come here. So here I am!

An icon that says, "Jennifer is totally where Justin got his awesome." Or "Jennifer-Where Justin gets his awesome." Or something else that you think sounds better for an icon.

Red suggested these caps: 311 from the GLC. Or, the Pride parade 204, with them holding hands, because Red loves it when Jenn says, "I'm proud of you, Justin."

I will go find those caps later tonight and post them in the comments.

If anyone is interested it would be much appreciated!! :D
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Oy Vey, I need Jewish icons! [Nov. 29th, 2009|10:30 am]

[Tags|, , ]

Hi everyone!

I just realized I have almost no Jewish icons! which would have been just fine if I wasn't Jewish, but I am, and therefore must have more jewish icons!

I was hoping maybe someone would be willing to make me some icons with Jewish references, like when Mel says "that's right, blame the Jew" or maybe some with Ted in the Gay-Jewish-bar night party or whatever it was in season 5... if you need more, I can give them to you on the comments.

Thanks in advance!
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Oh, Hai!!! [Nov. 19th, 2009|11:00 pm]

[Tags|, , ]

Yes, it's me again.

Ummm...see, it's [info]qafmaniac's fault, really.

No, really!!!

I was watching one of her vids that she made for me, cause, you know, she loves me like that. And there was a shot of Brian in 101 where he's headed to the shower, and I was all, "GodDAMN, his bedhead looks sexy!!"


So, I was thinking that we needed some Brian bedhead icons, but especially that one. *nods*

K, thx, bai!!!
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I WANT VIDEO!! [Nov. 15th, 2009|12:15 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood | hot]

I MUST have a video with Janet Jackson's song 'Warmth.' Because OMG, do you know the lyrics?. It's the exact description of a blow-job!!

Song with lyrics here

Do.It.Now. Pretty please *bats eyelashes*
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I want something1!! [Nov. 11th, 2009|09:23 pm]

[Tags|, , ]

See this icon?

I want an animated icon of this. Cause I love how they're not dancing to the beat...just their own beat.

And I want one from 103 where Brian's doing that rocking side to side thing that he thinks is danciing. Cause that in motion is just funny as hell.

So ummm....yeah, anyone wanna make those? *g*

ETA: Danke to [info]qafmaniac and [info]maxymama for the icons in the comments!!!! Still holding out for a hopeful one from 103!
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Fall Contest 2009 in [info]qaf_scavenger [Oct. 31st, 2009|07:18 pm]


Fall Contest 2009

We've fics and drabbles and vids and graphics and I promise you'll have a lot of fun with these gems!!


So,what are you waiting for? ;)
Go and leave some love for the writers,vidders and graphic artists!
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| The Brian Kinney POV comment fic meme. | [Oct. 8th, 2009|01:51 am]

The Brian Kinney Comment Fic Meme. Click to play!

We all love Brian, and this meme is all about that. We writing anything and everything from the eyes of our beloved King of Babylon. So if you can spare some prompts, we'd love to have you.
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Vid Request--Vanilla Twilight by Owl City [Oct. 7th, 2009|01:00 am]
[Tags|, ]

So, a friend of mine sent me an mp3 of Vanilla Twilight by Owl City. As I was listening to the lyrics, I kept thinking "Aw, Brian misses Justin." I would love to see if a vidder could tackle this with scenes of the times Brian misses Justin intermingled with times they reunite--particularly the two street scenes where Brian meets Justin post 507 break-up (and the proposal reunification). Here's a link to the song to listen to--

...and I am happy to provide an mp3 for use to make the video if you post me your e-mail address.

I hope someone picks up my bunny.
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