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    Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
    10:50 pm
    Game Conventiions FAQ
    Communications and Journal Updates
    Upon joining the team, each member is given a Personal Digital Assistant, which is essentially an extremely powerful Blackberry-like device which they are required to carry with them at all times. Characters use this for their personal diary, a way to send messages to other characters, an mp3 player, and a GPS locator.

    Characters are required to keep diaries, or mission logs if you’d rather. They can also send messages to other characters. This is done in the character’s personal journal in the following format.

    <*lj-cut text=”Private”><*b>Private</b>

    Private diary update goes here

    <*hr> (hr gives you a hard return, which puts a line in between separate posts)
    <*lj-cut text=”CharacterName”><*b>CharacterName</b>

    Message to the Character listed above goes here.

    Repeat the above with any character you wish to write to.

    Other characters respond in the comments, putting the name of who they are sending the message to in the Subject Line. In many cases, the original poster may send the same message to multiple characters, so this indicates whether they are replying to all or not. To clarify- a blank subject line is a "reply to all," if a character's name is on the subject line then that is the only character who can "read" that information.

    All current RPs go in the main community [info]x_nihilo, with one character writing the opening post, and other characters using the reply thread to continue the action of the RP. The subject line of the RP will say Open To (List of Characters Able to post in the RP). If an RP simply says Open than anyone can reply. If you are writing your character alone (usually we use this to advance a plot point quickly or to do character development) we call that Third Person Closed. Putting this in the subject line indicates that the post is complete as is and nobody can reply.

    All RPs are written in Third Person, past tense, with description of action, thoughts, and feelings as well dialog with other characters.

    Dialog Conventions
    1. Internal dialog (aka characters’ thoughts) should be italicized. This indicates that other characters cannot respond
    2. Telepathic messages go between sets of two forward slashes like this. //message//. This can only be used by non-telepathic characters when teams are psychically connected in combat situations or when you are thinking something that you intend a telepath to “hear.” It is presumed that a telepathic character is polite enough to not poke into the thoughts of others or respond to something that is not directed towards them.
    3. Anything said out loud goes in quotation marks.

    Posting Order
    In general, rps are posted in rounds, with every character the rp is open to getting a turn to post before the first person posts a second time with the same order of character posting repeated in each round. If you would like to post out of order for either player or character reasons please ask one of the mods.

    In many rps, the posting order will be posted in the subject line of the rp or if the rp splits into separate threads, in the beginning post of each thread.

    History Community
    There are 2 things that the history community [info]out_of_the_past is used for.

    1. Any RPs taking place in the past. This is a good way to establish character relationships without assuming anything. All RP conventions are the same for history rps, except in the subject line, add Backdate to (whenever it is) so that readers will know how long ago the RP took place.
    2. Weekly Updates! This is your quick and dirty recap of everything that’s happened in the game in the past week (or two weeks if it’s been slow), and includes links back to each RP or Journal Post for your reference.

    OOC Community
    The OOC Community [info]out_of_a_bookwill be used for things like informing players when and how to add new journals as friends and giving information on RPs (especially large combat ones, where we need to explain who we’re fighting and split up teams). It can also be used by you if you have a question or idea for an rp and the other player(s) are not on aim. That way everyone can be on the same page.

    AIM should also be utilized for OOC comments, questions, and planning,

    No OOC comments should be put in character Journals or either of the other communities.
    10:48 pm
    1. There are no do-overs in life. Therefore, we do not allow reposting or a “do-over” in the game. If you have a question about your post, please discuss it with a mod or the other player in question before posting or replying. You may edit a post for punctuation, spelling, or grammar with permission.

    2. This is an NC-17 game, which means some plots and character posts may include: graphic violence, sexual situations, and blatant stupidity. Please note: this does not imply that all plots must include NC-17 material, we rp situations that range from G-rated through NC-17. All material above a PG-13 rating must be friends only.

    3. The only drama we want in our game is drama related to plot. If you have a problem with another player, we expect you to deal with it directly as adults. If you cannot resolve an issue with another player, please speak with the mods before it becomes an issue.

    4. We do not allow posts which imply or directly relate to: pedophilia, incest, male pregnancy, or furries. Non-consensual sex must be pre-approved by mods and be directly related to plot.

    5. The number of gay characters in the game will be proportional to the percentage of homosexuals in the population. Note: One of the mods is bisexual, this rule is not based on homophobia, this is to create a more realistic setting.

    6. If you want your character to do something stupid, that is fine. We trip our characters up all the time, it makes us laugh. However, you must be willing to accept the consequences that these choices may have for your character within the game. For example: If a character punches his or her significant other, we will handle it the same way Chicago PD would.

    7. We do not allow god-modding. We define 3 kinds:

    a. God-Modding by implication. Usually this occurs when a player reinterprets another’s post to suit their own purposes.
    For Example: Player A posts: Lorna said, “Alex will you please get that?” and Alex’s player replies: As Lorna screamed at the top of her lungs ordering him around, Alex felt abused.

    b. God-Modding in action. Our characters are superheroes, but they are not infallible. Before an rp begins, the mods will give information on what the characters are up against. You may not create more or stronger enemies in order to make your character look good. You also may not blatantly direct the actions of another’s character or post in such a way that prevents another character from taking action.

    c. God-like knowledge. Just because players are given information on what will be happening in a single rp or the overarching plot, doesn’t mean the characters know. For Example, if Pixie writes in a private entry: “The next time Alex calls me Tinkerbell, I'm going to poke him in the butt with my soulsword.” Alex does not know she wrote this, and may not wear kevlar boxers, nor may he confront her about her potential alleged butt-stabbing shenanagins.

    8. Icons may not contain full-frontal nudity, or be otherwise blatantly pornographic in nature.

    9. Others may interpret the characters they play differently than you do or would. You may rest assured that we subjected all players to the same level of character development scrutiny that we subjected you to. Therefore, please remember to exercise tact and consideration if you would like to criticize someone else’s interpretation of a character.
    Monday, November 10th, 2008
    10:40 pm
    Friend Console #1
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