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    Thursday, May 21st, 2009
    10:45 pm
    Remy and Rogue
    If there was anything that Remy liked it was killing two birds with one stone. A date with Rogue, the prettiest thing this side of the Mississippi, and meeting up with an old associate from his days as a thief. Technically he was still a thief, but at least now he had steady work with the Summers' family. He never burned those bridges from his youth, though, and keeping that connection paid off especially when Beauregard - or Beau as Remy called him - called him on the phone earlier that day.

    "Remy? Beauregard. Can we meet, homme?"

    "Beau? It's been a long time, ami."

    "I found someting dat don't sit right wit me."

    "All right. Tonight by the Italian place down the street from Blossom's."

    That was the extent of their conversation, barely enough for anyone to glean any information from it, but the urgency in his voice told Remy all he needed to know. The Cajun always wondered how Beau was able to be a thief considering his sheer size, and looks. He was anything but unassuming with his blonde hair, thin mustache, height, and width. He was the furthest thing from a thief, and yet he still managed to get the job done. The man never was never seen with a woman, something that made Remy think he liked to swing the other way. Remy didn't care, just so long he didn't swing toward him.

    Remy smiled at Rogue from across the table, taking in her beauty with a smoldering gaze. His thoughts were the furthest thing from pure, but that was the only thing he could do with her. Look, but don't touch. How the hell was a thief not supposed to touch something he wanted?

    "Enjoying your meal?" He reached for his glass of wine, and raised it to his lips for a small drink. Though he was talking to Rogue his attention was trained on the door as he waited for Beau to arrive. He wanted to know what his old friend had to show him. Whatever it was Remy had a feeling it was going to be important, and that nothing would be the same after.
    Monday, December 22nd, 2008
    10:17 pm
    Open to Sam & Rogue
    Rogue sat at the bar with Sam beside her, looking at her beer. It was what was on tap. It wasn't bad either. Sheeper's was a bit busy for a Monday night, but Rogue didn't mind at all. The music was loud and very country. She could just imagine people getting up to line dance in the middle of the bar. Sam had asked her to go out drinking with him since they really hadn't had a chance to talk. She just had to make sure she didn't bring up Amara.

    She smiled at her old friend. "We haven't gotten a real chance to talk since Ah got back," she noted friendly.

    She took a drink of the beer and sighed contently.
    Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
    8:31 pm
    "Why does everybody want
    To kick my ass
    I'm just trying to have a little fun
    For all the ones who can't
    And just because I kiss the prettiest girls
    And I drive my truck too fast
    Why does everybody want
    To kick my ass" -Big and Rich

    Country music blared from an ancient sound system filled the dusty narrow tavern. Nascar signs and cardboard cutouts decorated the walls of Sheeper's, the bar closest to the X-men's base. The faint neon outline of a sheep blinked on and off in the window along with a Miller Lite sign and a Budweiser race car light. The smell of smoke, sweat and stale fritos hung in the air.

    "So, it's like this..." Sam took a long drink from his MGD, "Ah don't have nothin' against J.P. Just don't want to see him mackin' on some guy. You know what Ah'm sayin'?" Sam leaned against the bar, hands cupped around his beer bottle. He looked over at his brother, trying to remember that coming back from the dead wasn't a big deal for the X-men.

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    Current Music: Kick My Ass, Big and Rich
    7:37 pm
    Open to anyone who can keep up with her
    As she swooped over the sparkling water of the Russian River Meghan thought that she should get herself some of those big ol' goggles that Sam wore while flying, Except I don't want to look like a ginormous bug. That would be lame. She scanned the river for the men she was looking for, spotting them half way between the beach and the bridge.

    She smiled with satisfaction as she opened up the bag of gravel that she'd scooped up from alongside the road. It rained down on the men as she laughed. "Sucks to be you, doesn't it? Yeah. You should run, you big cowards!" She shouted down at them.

    From the corner of her eye, she caught a flash of movement, Uh oh, she thought as a familiar face appeared.

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