Jun. 6th, 2015


Why is it that immediately upon planning a well-deserved vacation, I need to suddenly be in all these meetings regarding infrastructure set-up overseas?

See, I don't care. I am taking a week to myself. I cam having a spa day and work can fuck off. If it was that important, they would have done this weeks ago. Not my problem.

May. 26th, 2015


Of all the stupid reactions I've seen, "let's grab the rattlesnake and try to throw it out the (closed) window!" is making the list for the last whenever. Jesus. You only have one kind of venomous snake, BC, but that's not an excuse to just ignore it.

I need to find smarter roommates.

May. 22nd, 2015


The next enchanter who interrupts my class with a view for interrogation will be leaving with a small but thorny plant attached to their backside. You have been duly warned. If I wished to confer with either of your organisations I would have done so by now.

May. 15th, 2015


Attempting to break into the shop of a Defence specialist is not the cleverest thing to do. Just for future reference.

May. 3rd, 2015


Dear Tiny Menaces Living in My Home,

A list of important facts for you to remember:

1. Yes, the lights are out.
2. No, I do not know why they are out.
3. Yes, I am going to fix them.
4. No, I do not know how long it will take for me to do this.
5. Yes, you should shut up.
6. No, you cannot make a bonfire in the living room. I don't care if it's "contained."

Auntie Mo

P.S. - These rules will be posted on the fridge.
P.P.S. - If anyone needs me, I will be out by the fucking generator.


Newly-arrived fae are welcome at the Black Cat Cafe, and will be offered discounted or free meals until they have acclimated. If acclimation starts to look too much like freeloading, I'm going to start getting testy.

The cafe is also available as a meeting place if anybody wants to conduct negotiations for Bonds or trade. We're secure, discreet, and make a mean gingerbread.

People who trash my business will not be welcome back. Fair warning.

May. 2nd, 2015


Rift Distortions #1

Those who have read the accounts and documentations of Enchanters who had witnessed not only the Rift of 1567, but even the handful who transcribed the behaviors of the erratic Rift during the Holy Roman Empire, it's somewhat common knowledge that these phenomena are erratic at best. Reports of dead fauna and creatures and of great lethargy from surrounding communities were common, leading Enchanters to believe that in order to keep themselves stable, these portals absorbed energy from an encompassing area.

Today the Vancouver Rift has plenty more to draw energy from, which leads to a bit of an issue. It might mean that fewer will be affected. Perhaps it means that it will only affect a fraction of the radius of the previous ones. Or it may be that it impacts the entirety of the city, becoming much larger in scale and power than any Rift prior.

These are questions and hypotheses that the Enchanters of both the Consortium and Alliance are working tirelessly to answer. It doesn't help that Silas Clyde, for his mutual treaty and nearby establishment, has kept mostly silent about this fallout. It could be not even he knows what is possible. But even if that was the case, he hasn't hinted towards that either.

Lights have continued flickering out all over the city since the early morning hours of April the 25th. But now as the sun sets on the city on May 2nd, entire quadrants of power outages are occurring without explanation. As the moon creeps high into the sky and the midnight hour draws to a close, the entire city faces an unprecedented total blackout. And nobody knows how or when it will end.

Both Chowdary and Cobb have issued official statements warning their Enchanters, asking everyone to remain calm. Silas Clyde issues a statement of his own: be wary. Where there is change, there is trouble. For humans can be rabid, frantic beasts when swathed in darkness

Apr. 28th, 2015


Never trust a kindergartener with top secret fairy information because suddenly you get phone calls from the teacher telling you your boy tried to summon a satyr in the middle of lessons.


Final box is finally unpacked, so I guess I'm officially all moved in.

Apr. 26th, 2015


I, for one, am very curious about how this is going to effect the future of golfing at Fraserview.

I mean, we're running the risk of disappointing a whole bunch of really rich, really old dudes who can potentially fall into a hole in the universe at the 18th. And do we really want the fae's first exposure to modern sports to be golf?

Golf is horrible. And there isn't even a tiny windmill.

Find anything super hinky and weird on your class-delaying excursion, Mulder?

Apr. 25th, 2015


[Wasting no time, Liadine made friends with a couple young, eager Enchanters who introduced her to a computer at an internet cafe.]


Apr. 26th, 2015


Classes are not cancelled.

Apr. 25th, 2015


Phone Call: Sofia Shapiro
When Sofia answers, Eirena skips the hellos entirely.

So tell me this is insane.

And have mom and dad called you yet? If not, get ready for it.


This is brilliant! To think a Rift would be opened not only in our lifetime, but here! I've heard some people say they've already started transporting mystical beasts to one of the parks. How fascinating! Certainly one must document such activities, the speed and efficiency in which our newcomers occupy an area is nothing short of astounding. I apologize for all the exclamations, but I simply cannot fathom it. Has anyone had the pleasure of speaking to one of our new arrivals?

Though I am concerned for the now seven deceased Enchanters who have tried to enter the Otherworld, two of them our own Alliance kin. I know not all of us are educated as to the perils of such objects, but I would think someone with the resources would be more cautious. It is a shame to have lost them.

Have you had a sudden rush of glamour and talisman sales? I'm sure everyone is desperate to bond. They waste no time.

I was speaking to that jinn fellow - Jeremiah, I think his name is? He says a few of his cousins have come to Vancouver and it is a family reunion five hundred years in the making. To wait that long - it's unimaginable.


Enchanter Network

Alright, it's been a while since I been through Enchanter 101 and all, but can somebody tell me what the fuck it means when a "Rift" opens? Are we being invaded by these things? Is Earth gonna get sucked up into one giant fairyland? Are we gonna die?

Well if fairies are taking over as our new overlords, could y'all at least not fuck with the electricity? Power bills are expensive enough as it is around here.

Everything at the Garage okay, Boss? This Rift opening didn't break anything, did it?

[Eirena Shapiro]
Uh, so what do you know about Rifts? And are you and your kid okay?


And So Our Tale Begins...

It's a cool spring morning in Vancouver, British Columbia. A bit nippy, a little rainy, but altogether not that unlike the many mornings before. Spellcasters and shamans alike awake to little commotion, aware that over the night there have been flickering lights throughout portions of the city - the threat of power outages - but that's nothing to bring up over coffee. They wake up at their leisure, most of them enjoying a weekend off from work. Some hit the snooze button, trying to wrangle five more minutes out of their rest before the real world calls them.

For the fae of Earth, it's a different sort of morning. Those in Vancouver have known for some time that there has been a shift in the wind, a change in the energy of the city. Others know it too, because they're flooding in from all the corners of the world - remnant fae of a missing, fantastical world stuck in ours because the last open door existed five hundred years ago.

The Rift begins its formation at the rising of the sun, flickering and pulling energy from all the nearby sources in and around Fraserview Golf Course. Within an hour's time, it is a fully formed portal: opaque, radiating, swirling, and thrumming. Ribbit sets up his chair and waits for the first of all Sídhe Folk to emerge from the other side. It is a Menehune by the name of Alika Klyavalth who steps forward, embracing the title of The Luminary of Clan Taisteal. Ribbit bows to him and imparts upon him the only Glamour of his possession. It is time to get to work.

In the headquarters of the Alliance and the Consortium, Divya Chowdary and Elijah Cobb are roused to events in a different manner. A fae eagerly knocks at the Minister's office door, asking for her attention, telling her, "It is time." As for Cobb, he receives feedback from the many eyes and ears he has sprinkled across the city, and he immediately sends a troop of Enchanters to investigate these claims.

Either way, both know within moments that their world is about to change forever...


Divya Chowdary utilizes modern technology to great advantage, knowing Enchanters have their own networks regardless of and free from affiliation. Cobb knows it too, and both quickly log in.

Though their tones are both similar and completely their own, Enchanters reading their journals this morning will see with great excitement and concern:

A Rift has opened. The fae are coming to Vancouver.


Players are now free to play! Welcome, and please enjoy your stay! Fae may now enter through the Rift or be played as residents of Earth. Enchanters are welcome to react in a plethora of ways: elated, fearful, surprised, confused, devious, concerned. What does this mean for them? For Vancouver? What will happen when Enchanters from across the globe hear the news and start pouring into the city, threatening the stability of the Rift? And what of their newcomers and their homeworld? So many questions, so many secrets exist in the Otherworld.

Please take advantage of the Rumors Page. It is here that rumors, events, and and announcements will be updated regularly.


Feb. 12th, 2014



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