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[13 Oct 2014|08:55am]

Who: Cora Hale
What: De-aged. Panic. Things.
When: Early hours of 13 October
Where: Foster home in Northern California to Stilinkshi home to the woods to the woods
Warnings: Violence
Status: Narrative | Complete

You have to be stronger than this....You can't be weak. Not anymore. )

[09 Oct 2014|05:08am]

Who: John and Erin
When: Backdated; night of October 2, after this
Where: Restaurant
What: Eating out. *Gasp*, is it a date?? XD
Rating: PG-13


Good food )

[29 Sep 2014|11:35pm]

Who: Erin and Caleb.
What: Pizza and being stuck together.
When: During the tethered plot.
Where: Erin's place.
Rating/Warnings: None.
Status: Incomplete.

She only hoped this didn't last all the way until the full moon of they were going to be screwed. )

[27 Sep 2014|10:12am]

Who: Ichabod and Katrina Crane
What: Reuniting. Again. After a bit of panic, oops?
When[BACKDATED] 25/26 September 2014, middle of the night
Where: Apartment
Warnings: Spoilers for 2x1, overly proper English, rest TBD
Status: Thread | Incomplete

Home will be where the heart is, never were words so true )

[25 Sep 2014|06:02pm]

Who: Alan Deaton and Katrina Crane
What: Katrina shows up at the Nemeton. Deaton's there.
When: 25 September 2014, night
Where: The Nemeton
Warnings: Spoilers from Monday's episode, rest TBD
Status: Thread | Incomplete

There was more to it than she could tell, but she was still regaining her footing in the real world that her magic seemed weaker, or at least rusty. )

Breakfast for two...for...reasons!! [20 Sep 2014|05:44pm]

Who: Isaac and Maxxie
What: Breakfast
When: The morning of the curse
Where: Insert cafe here
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None

Getting to know yoooou, getting to know all about yooooou. )

[19 Sep 2014|10:04pm]

Who: Allison and John
What: Tethered! The musical!
Where: The Argent apartment
When: Early Friday evening
Status: Closed/Incomplete
Warnings: Nope
Read more... )

Free Drinks All Around! [09 Sep 2014|05:36pm]

Who: Killian "Captain Hook", Dean Winchester, OPEN
What: Drinking
When: Tonight
Where: Insert bar name
Warnings: Drunken slurs
Status: Open and In Progress

Drink up me hearties, yo ho! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!  )

Backdated [07 Sep 2014|10:44pm]

Who: John Connor
When: Night [backdated to 8pm]
Where: His apartment room
What: Another ghost visit
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Just more feels, and maybe slight language
Status: Complete; narrative


No fate but what we make )

[04 Sep 2014|09:33am]

Who: Elena Gilbert and Ghost!EvilRic, Ghost!Jeremy, Ghost!Ric (complicated TVD stuff is complicated)
What: Ric's ghost wants to move on and thinks killing Elena is the way to do it
When: 4 September 2014
Where: Argent home
Warnings: Violence. Angst.
Status: Narrative | Complete

Spend enough time struggling to just survive and you tended to be able to pick up on what was and what was not dangerous. It became a sixth sense and this? This was dangerous. )

[04 Sep 2014|05:18am]

Who: John Connor
When: Early evening
Where: His room
What: Ghost visit! [clue to it's identity in the cut text lol]
Rating: PG-13 to R
Warnings: High profanity. And a huge crapload of feels, so many feels.
Status: Complete


I swear, I have almost had it with that goddamn kid. Hasn't cleaned that room of his in a month! )

[03 Sep 2014|08:43pm]

Who: Caleb and ghost!Miranda
What: Caleb was going to eat dinner, but... Nope.
Where: His apartment
When: Early evening Wednesday Oops, I meant backdated to the start of the plot
Warnings: Miranda angst
Status: Closed/Complete
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[01 Sep 2014|05:34pm]

Who: Allison Argent and Isaac Lahey
What: Talking about baby stuff
Where: Allison’s bedroom
When: Sunday, prior to the ghosts showing up.
Status: Closed/Incomplete
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[02 Sep 2014|04:59am]

Ethan & Ghost!Aiden; Way too many feels & a message of absolution.
Monday afternoon, September 1, 2014; IDK where yet
TBD (feeeeels & TBA); In progress

Aaaaand PLACEHOLDERRead more... )

[01 Sep 2014|11:33am]

Who: Cora Hale and ghost!foster father, ghost!Boyd. OTA if anyone feels like it
What: Cora gets a very unwelcome blast from the past
When: 1 September 2014, after she got lunch and things with Derek
Where: Around Beacon Hills
Warnings: Violence
Status: Complete if narrative, in progress if someone tags in

As far as she was aware, there wasn't any folklore that they could use for information, so it was actually fairly possible that's exactly what happened. )

[01 Sep 2014|12:12am]

Who: Allison Argent and her mother’s ghost.
What: A moment shared between mother and daughter.
Where: Allison’s bedroom.
When: Just after midnight
Warnings: Some feels, I suppose, but nothing bad.
Status: Narrative/Complete
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[31 Aug 2014|08:54pm]

Who: Hanna Marin and ghost!Mona Vanderwaal
What: The Tree is sending ghosts. Yay. Only not.
When: Early morning hours of 1 September
Where: Hanna's apartment
Warnings: Angst.
Status: Narrative | Complete

I really was your friend, and I did love you )

[01 Sep 2014|11:40am]

Dean & ghost!Mom; Ghosty vistor arrival, freak out/and feels!
Midnight Sunday August 31/Monday September 1, 2014; Dean's apartment
PGish (lotsa feeeeeels; that's really it); Complete

"I can't have you just to lose you again."Read more... )

[29 Aug 2014|10:28pm]

Who: Dean Winchester and Letha Godfrey
What: an almost-date at a burger joint
Where: Buster’s Burgers - Beacon Hills’ finest burger place.
When: Forward dated to early Saturday evening
Warnings: Delicious food!
Status: Closed/Incomplete
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Just a walk in the woods.... [19 Aug 2014|06:49pm]

Who: Isaac Lahey, Allison Argent, Chris Argent
What: Isaac wolfs out, Allison freaks out, and Chris saves the day
When: After Isaac and Allison decide they should meet
Where: The woods
Warnings: Blood? Is that a warning?
Status: In progress

And then there was an arrow in his leg! )

[18 Aug 2014|07:38pm]

Characters: Josef and Veronica
Location: Out somewhere
Time: Night
Warnings: TBD, will update as needed
Summary: Veronica has been hit with the amnesia bug and Josef finds her
Status: In Progress | Closed


One moment she was Veronica Mars, she knew everything about who she was and many other things, and then...she just wasn't. )

[18 Aug 2014|06:21pm]

Who: Scott and Stiles
What: Scott finds Stiles, and Stiles...has no idea who he is.
Where: Side of the road somewhere in Beacon Hills.
When: Monday when the amnesia hits.
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete.


[14 Aug 2014|03:28pm]

Who: Hook and Emma Swan
What: Emma has arrived and is a sad puppy.
When: After arriving
Where: Emma's apartment
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None

You're not going to like this... )

[13 Aug 2014|04:57pm]

Who: Caleb Rivers and Hanna Marin
What: Hanna comes back. Worry. Things.
When: 13 August 2014, night
Where: Hanna’s apartment
Warnings: Talk of sexual harassment, victim-blaming, underaged drinking, angst
Status: Log | Complete

And I come to find a refuge in the easy silence that you make for me |It's okay when there's nothing more to say to me |And the peaceful quiet you create for me |And the way you keep the world at bay for me )

[12 Aug 2014|11:32pm]

Hayley & Derek; Dinner! Because they needed to cash in on their rain check.
Monday evening, August 11, 2014
TBD; In progress

Was it a date?Read more... )

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