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[10 Mar 2018|06:42pm]
The town of Falling, Texas, has always been an unusual one. The Native Americans never settled anywhere near there, despite the overflow of gold, diamonds, and iron ore that can be mined there or the river that runs straight through town. It was abandoned until 1805, when George Falling landed there out of the river, and he found the mines. He set up a settlement, and over time, it began to grow.

Magic sunk into the town. Everything built there became something else. The library, for instance, was the world's first VR experience: read any book, and you'd be in that world for a time while you read.

And the people grew around the town. They found the things that the rest of the world didn't know about fascinating. They learned that their town was built halfway into a magic realm, and the magic from the other side was leaking through the buildings. The townsfolk too--it wasn't long until in 1876 half the children born in the town of Falling had some magical ability or other.

Fast forward to today: a town in Texas with no nearby outside influence, magic incarnate a part of everything. And then, something changed. People from fiction began to appear, one by one. Never in the same spot, but always in the same way: they were doing something in their own world, and then they turned around to do something, and then... then they were here, in Falling.

Welcome to Falling, Texas: the world's only magical hot-spot. Do stop by the head office and get yourself registered.
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