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Madison Valley [09 Mar 2018|09:47am]

Celebrating • Five years!

Madison Valley is a small Midwestern town, nestled in the hills of the Ohio River Valley. Peaceful and calm, it is the kind of place people move to raise their children, or where people retire to find peace away from the big city. It is a place devoid of crime, where doors are left unlocked and everyone knows everyone else.

Five years ago, something strange happened in Madison Valley. The natives found themselves unable to leave the town, and people started arriving from worlds formerly thought to be fictional.

Who will you meet in Madison Valley?

Most WANTED Fandoms
Battle Royale, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chronicles of Narnia, The Craft, DC (any), Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter,Lost Girl, MCU, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, RWBY, Sailor Moon, Sandman Comics, Star Wars, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Wicked. We have a lot of lone canon warriors in game, so don't be shy!

That's right, folks, FIVE years going strong and we aren't slowing down at all. This year we have plenty of shenanigans to engage in - from portals to various characters' homes to game-wide plots - we're keeping the party going. Check out the Calendar to see what's going on. Come, join the party!

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