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[25 Jan 2018|07:56am]

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When Divatox, intergalactic pirate queen of evil, finally destroyed the Turbo Rangers and their Command Centre, it wasn't the end of its energies. With nowhere to go, the powers of the Morphing Grid that were once contained within seeped into the universe itself, opening up rifts in time and space over the entire planet.

Anything that falls through the rifts tends to arrive with some modicum of technology, hacked into cooperation with the new universe by as-yet unknown forces. There are translators, GPSes, even a rough kind of teleporter that mimics the Rangers' old technologies.

Welcome to the world of Angel Grove, a panfandom RP set in the universe of the Power Rangers. Try not to get stepped on by a Zord.


Angel Grove is a panfandom RP open to pretty much every fandom imaginable. No previous knowledge of Power Rangers or its universe is required - just hop on by and play! We'd especially love more players from Overwatch, Sherlock. Supernatural, Warcraft or... hell, any of the fandoms we've got represented!

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