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[11 Sep 2014|02:53am]

Mojo World is a planet ruled by a race known as the spineless ones. This planet is basically one big television show. The leader of the planet kidnaps people from other planets and worlds and brings them here to fight in The Games. Lucky you, you have been chosen to serve. You will either become a gladiator, or one of the servants. The only way out of the ring is to fight for it yourself or to find a gladiator champion willing to earn your freedom for you. Once you have earned your freedom you can become an owner of other gladiators yourself OR you can chose to rebel against the games openly and become one of the outcast freedman. Best of Luck! And we truly do hope you enjoy the show.

[info]mojovision is a panfandom game that welcomes all fandoms. Game opens September 15th, so get your apps in today.
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