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[12 Sep 2014|11:40pm]

Welcome to Serenity Falls

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In the mountains of northern California there is a town. It's been there for a very long time but you won't find it on any map. In fact the people who live there have never left it. They were born there and they'll die there. No one knows who founded the town although people have some ideas.Legends say that it was started by the Wheeler family but no one knows for sure, not ever the descendants of those original Wheelers. There's also a legend that a witch cursed the place and a town sprung up. Again no one can prove that since there doesn't appear to be anyone who practices witchcraft in town. Not that they admit to.

About ten years ago, people started showing up in Serenity Falls, people from all over the place, all sorts of times, locations, backgrounds and they settled there. A few started to make lives for themselves with some of the locals and then suddenly after six months, they vanished. No one knows where they went or how they got there in the first place but they never came back.

Until now.

Now it's happening again. Three months ago, people started appearing. They would pop up in the oddest places and at the oddest times. For instance one of them appeared in the shower with a local which caused quite a stir. Just like before nobody knows what's causing this to happen or how to stop it but more and more people arrive every day. The town seems to be growing too as if it knows that it needs to expand to accomodate this new arrivals. In addition to that, a road has opened that leads to a beautiful secluded beatch about half an hour away. That's as far as it goes though, you can't go any further. What's going on in Serenity Falls? No one knows but it's going to be fun.

Serenity Falls is a panfandom/OC game set in a fictional town in northern California. Its focus is on character development and interaction between the townspeople and the newcomers. Both original characters and fandom characters are welcome.

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